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This site gives a little updating of information on events of the past nine months. It is only partially complete due to so many other pressures.  It was necessitated really by the emerging of so many Apocalypse Codes in the Burma Cyclone Nardis and China Szechuan earthquake that followed each other so closely in May 2008.  Then in June came further information from a friend which added another dimension to the Szechuan earthquake.  It happened on Buddha's birthday.  But it was so strange that the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten was emphasised so strongly in the days between those two modern catastrophies, on May 7th, to be precise.  The Burma cyclone Nardis struck on May 3rd  - Code 503 - The Diagrams of Truth -  and the Szechuan Earthquake came on May 12th. 

The friend who supplied that information had been on a group tour from New Zealand supposedly visiting China and Tibet.  Unsurprisingly, they were not allowed into Tibet.  But the woman who led the group was someone we had met four years earlier when we followed up an advertisement for a guided tour to Egypt.  We realised that it was not for us when she talked of 'chanelling Akki'  her familiar name for some deceitful entity that claimed to be the spirit of Akhenaten.  It revealed that Akhenaten was an alien from some star system.  At that point we knew we would find nothing of value in Egypt with this woman as our Tour Leader.  Akhenaten's ideas of living in truth may well be alien to most of the people on this planet, but he was very much flesh and blood.  It is curious that the NZ Herald carried an article about Akhenaten and his supposed manifold diseases on May 7th.  It was just some American doctor shooting his mouth off with his latest theories.  He could solve the mystery of Akhenaten once and for all with his precious DNA testing.  All the Egyptologists had to do was find Akhenaten's mummy !!!!  May 7th is a close as it is possible to get to a mid-way point. Was it chance that that date could be written 5-07 and that code 507 in the Alpha and Omega Codes means World's End?  Perhaps Akhenaten was right.  Why else is he emphasised so strongly in the midst of the Apocalypse Codes

But our Egyptian tours have always been guided- It is just that we were guided by anything in our world of space and time.  But then in the Land of Eternity, is it not appropriate that we allow ourselves to be guided not by a woman from Auckland or her 'alien' mates but by the Sentinel of Eternity Himself? 

This site will be gradually updated further if and when time allows.  Clear patterns are emerging. The complexity of the Alpha and Omega Codes continues ever to increase, confirming their authenticity, their validity and their being a genuine communication from some Source external to any of our concepts of space and time. It can only be the Source which we call God.  The Muslims call Him Allah.  Akhenaten called Him Ra Christ called Him Elohim.  Zoroaster called him Ahura Mazda.

Since October 2007, with my trip to the Frankfurt Book Fair, the signs have come thick and fast that the End Times are upon us in earnest. Look around at global warming, outstripped in its effects on man only by the global greed of market forces. Bush and all his Big Oil capitalist mates are but one element. Everywhere around the planet, the rich line up to rob the poor. The food crisis is just the latest example of the entrepreneur – all the ‘takers in between’ literally, taking every opportunity to take more.

The Burma Cyclone Nardis, bringing the worst floods for Burma in living memory was a key example of another End Times event. It came on May 3rd – Code 503 – DIII confirming the validity of The Diagrams of Truth. And in the official casualty figures were the Apocalypse signature codes.

Then nine days later came the Sechuan earthquake in China. Was this intended to be a warning to the most aggressive country on the planet? The Chinese will outdo the Americans in their effects on the planet. That earthquake came at a time on a day, both of which scream ‘Apocalypse!’  But the Buddha's birthday link adds another dimension.

Our research continues to be validated every single day by the events which unfold. The death of Princess Diana seems to be interconnected with the End Times for mankind. Perhaps the Source is using her death to show the truth behind the official deceptions which are the norm for man.  With Diana’s death, the Source showed He knew the future in detail, two weeks in advance. Now during the inquest, He has chosen to present alternative evidence to the cosy stitch-up of the English legal establishment, on behalf of the House of Windsor. 11.20.37am   See Diana's Murder

At least 1 in 3 Britons believe Diana was murdered. They are spot on. But very few believe that the vicious, greedy country which Britain now is, controlled by evil men for evil men, is another clear sign of the End Times. The harvest of today’s Britain was sown with the evil seeds of Thatcherism. The 666 Codes were there clearly in 1986. The Code Book hasn’t changed – only the extent of the web of evil spun from the heart of Britain. Of course there are other webs of evil spun for the United States and the oil producers, as well as others.  An all black network covers the globe. But the signs are clear that now is the time when God will destroy the evil. If that means destroying most if not all, of mankind, so be it.

But that is not all. The Codes warn so clearly of the reality of both heaven and hell, and also of God’s Judgement.  Forget the salvation of Jesus or any other god of man’s creation. It’s just another con. There is heaven and there is hell.  For the powerful proof of this which has been given to us, read our book Mary, Daughter of Elohim.  The first part of that book is Mary's story from 1986. The second part of the book recounts important events later in our lives, particularly during 1999,  that intricately authenticated Mary's warnings of God's Judgement, of Heaven and of Hell.  So, if you are rich,  you really do have much need to fear. You have done very nicely out of the doctrines of the devil, which rule this world today. But you can’t take it with you….. So enjoy it whilst you can. The price of your comfort in this world is higher than you can ever imagine. 

The evidence has flowed in over the past six weeks, especially between 3rd and 15th May, that this is the time of the Apocalypse.  It is still gathering pace.  The signs over the past nine months suggest that there is only seven years left! Seven fat years for the evil rich who run the planet; seven lean years for more and more of mankind, some good, some bad, most weak.  And it is because of weak men that evil flourishes.

The Burma and China disasters are just a foretaste of what is to come in the next seven years.  And for some reason, the period of the Burma and China disasters has been strongly cross linked to Ancient Egypt and particularly Akhenaten.  These signs are intended as evidence that he was right. He was inspired by the same God. He saw the evil in the temples of Amun. Today the evil is not just in the temples of most religions, it is in the temples of mammon. And there it is at its most powerful.  For more see Why Akhenaten Now ?

You can read about the Egypt, the Curse of the Pharaohs and the Justice of God on another of our sites,
The Eye of Ra.  (to be published soon, deo volente).

Our books describe so much more evidence than can be found on our various sites.  Buy the books, whilst you can. You might as well learn to read the signs that matter. In the meantime, until the End comes, as ever, you have free will. Remember, though, it is only for now. The one choice that really matters is not yours. That choice is the sum of your choices. It is made by Another when you are summoned to the Last Judgement.  That is not a once and for all time event, more a summary court in perpetual Session (Quote.....)     That Judjement will send you to heaven or to hell.

Don’t worry about food miles or saving plastic bags. The planet is doomed because of the rampant evil of the relatively few and the self-serving weakness of the many. The only hope is to put the real fear of God into everyone on the planet, especially the wretched entrepreneurs with their ill-gotten gains and investors with their bottomless greed.  And the chance of that is probably less than that of a snowflake surviving in hell.  No, I cannot see even a glimmer of hope from what I have seen of men and women in my own life and what I see second or third hand of the men and women who control this world.  

The Christian priests lost the plot 1700 years ago, by creating their 'god of love' who saves everyone, however bad, as long as they 'truly repent'.  That's all down to St Paul, the greatest con man in history. Anything that tells you 'you are saved' is as big a deceit as Akki and the aliens or anything conjured up by mediums or witches.  And the Mullahs seem to have forgotten about the Last Judgement too, despite its extensive coverage in the Koran.  The Buddhists and the Hindus never had such nasty concepts.  They just expect re-incarnation, time after time until they reach Nirvana.  They are in for a shock too.  This is it.  Once and for all.

Of course, I might be wrong.  But on the balance of probability it is unlikely.  There is just too much evidence to support my conclusions and more flows in almost every day. You won't find anyone important telling you I'm right.  They all have vested interests in my being wrong.  You have to make up your own mind.  That why God gave you a mind.  You are supposed to use it.   It is not supposed to be a sponge to befuddle with drink or drugs or to numb with 'entertainment'    

You choose what you make of all of this.  But remember the words that came to me one day back in 2004 from the Voice as I worked on finishing our book Mary Daughter of Elohim.....

You choose for today.  You decide on the balance of probability.  Then I will choose on the Balance of Eternity;   it's your choice for today, but Mine for tomorrow.  And remember that I alone know when that tomorrow will come for you. 

Thanks be to God

11.35.29  11th May 2008
Typed  17/05/2008 19:06:48

Revised 22/6/08 1.55.52   Ra =226
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