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 Actors on a Stage - Destiny, Jan and the first Daniel

The seven days before the Pike River mining disaster had seen the climax of my experiences over the previous eleven months, the coming together of so many elements of my research stop. The signs and numbers had proved conclusively that I could not trust Jan, an African woman, from Tanzania, who claimed to be half Egyptian. Her mother was an Egyptian born in Alexandria, her father came from South Africa.  Jan considered truth to be her flexible friend. In time I came to see that lying came to her as naturally as breathing. Was it in part her culture, in part her nature?  Either way it was her choice.  Tanzania is a far more corrupt country than is New Zealand.  But is it back to the old adage  'You can take the girl out of Tanzania but you can't take Tanzania out of the girl'?  God knew what she was really like and gradually He showed me her true nature.  The first sign that something might be wrong came in February, 2010 when her car refused to start with the mileage at 266619km at a clients house...  At first I wasn't sure if it referred to Jan or her healthcare client who was very much into Tarot cards and selling 'fortunes'.  But gradually it became clear exactly who the 666 reference was to when Jan was caught out lying repeatedly.  She used me for a while to get money under false pretences, but it's now clear that it was God's will that she should use me because at the same time He was using her to give me powerful evidence via a complex web of destiny. The feeling of our being actors on a stage became ever stronger as 2010 rolled on.  

She proved her soul was worth little more the price of an air ticket to Tanzania, a new TV aetrial, petrol money, face creams and some travelling expenses and a camera.   (As I extend this article my eye is drawn to the clock.  It shows 11:11pm on 29th September, 2013...229+7-13.  But by the time I bring up the Date and Time box it is 11:12.  then I had to move the box so it showed the words

11.11 means 'Lest we forget'...( that we will all be Judged by the time of His choosing) 11.12 is 11.11 +1 too late...Far too late for Jan... 12.11... 'was hearing the J'     Jan was part of that expereince too c28th October 2010 - and like today the Strand station in Auckland Today was KiwiRail 150 - again so many signs.)

Jan's Faustian bargain was not much of a bargain as far as I can see. 

( I had just added the word Faustian and changed the sentence when at this point I suddenly was reminded that Touch was about to begin.  It returned to TV3 at 11:20pm on 29.9.13  ie 229+7 that sequence itself one part of the Amelia Codes.   And sure enough it started 30 seconds after I put on the TV.  And the numbers are again in the programme and on my camera images.....The ideas come at precisely the time appointed. This is the screen from after the showing of two episodes back to back )

I am reminded of Thomas More at his trial for treason in 1535.  Richard Rich a former acquaintance whom More had refused to prefer at court, found others willing to give him preferment.  Cromwell did so for his services in entrapping More in prison conversations.    As Rich began his testimony, More asked him about his new chain of office.  Attorney General for Wales.   But Richard, does our lord not remind us that it avails a man naught to gain the whole world and lose his soul.... But to do it for Wales..... Jan did it for $6ooo.  But I was by no means the first person she cheated...nor the last.   But maybe I'll be the one she remembers most...  It was money down the drain but I came to think of it as her fee as an actress, because Jan was very much the actress.  The only thing that really saddened me was that I had not even put up a headstone for Jenny, because of the cost, which was about $6ooo.  And Jenny was worth a thousand Salimas.  But the Voice told me to erect a headstone some while later.  It was installed at exactly the appointed time just before Easter 2011, the day marked by a special New Zealand Herald Supplement.  God arranged that not me

Nonetheless, unbeknown to her, Jan/Salima proved to me that on several vital occasions she was doing exactly what God wanted, even though most of the rest of the time she was doing exactly what she wanted. It wasn’t when she was fleecing me, but when she did various other things which she didn't really even understand. But I did.  She was always associated with code 946 from the very beginning on 18th December 2009.   At first I treated her as I had treated Jenny.  But the behaviour was not reciprocated.  I doubt she can even spell the word truth let alone have the faintest idea of its meaning.  But she was good at spouting verses from the Koran.  She seemed unfamiliar with the frequent warnings of the Day of Judgement.  But that is for the kaffirs......

In her I came to see a personification of much of mankind. Jan would do anything to get what she wanted. It usually involved money, fancy furniture, clothes, perfume or a new car.  She conned Housing New Zealand and she conned WINZ and if anybody at either government organisation argued she cried racist.... She showed me first hand how awful some people are.  I had had no previous personal experience of congenital liars.  But it is all part of why the final Hammer of God is going to come for all mankind in less than five years time.  Young people today are much more flexible in their attitude to truth.  Its what comes in a Godless society such as New Zealand is today.... where the only gods are self, sport and money....  Self Self Self... Set your goals and go for them.  Sod everyone else.  Its called empowerment, a personal version of market forces.   The pain o0f my relationship with Jan was necessary so that i could get the message that God uses us according to His purposes but according to our natures. He does not cause us to do things against our natures.  After all we are Judged according to what we have done in our lives.

One of Jan’s most important functions was for her to lead me to another ‘key’ player in the drama, an Egyptian woman, born in Aswan. I'll call her Jasmine, as the newspapers never named her after her son Daniel Lado was drowned off Piha, the West Auckland beach, on Palm Sunday, 2010. Daniel's death echoed Jenny's death almost exactly a year earlier. In both cases there was no miracle at Easter, as if purposely reiterating the message that there was no miracle the first Easter either, exactly as the spirit of Mary Magdalen had been sent to tell Jenny and me way back in April 1986.

Daniel's death provided powerful evidence of destiny just has had Princess Diana's death in 1997. Daniel's death was a significant element in my proof that we live in the Latter Days and that God measures our span with uncanny precision.  Between December 2009 and November 2010 I had many curious experiences with Jan.  She was a Muslim woman who could spout prayers ad nauseam whilst lying through her teeth.  It was all rasul Mohammed…. Ibrahim…. La illa li Allah…It wasn't an entirely new experience of the Muslim world. I'd seen it too often in Egypt, but there it was always men playing the hypocrite. The women were kept away from shops and foreigners. White visitors, called ‘Europe people’ by some Egyptians, were rich and just waiting to be separated from their money. I visited Egypt 6 times between 1986 and 1993. I was interested in Ancient Egypt but very disappointed by the modern Egyptians.  I don’t know how many times I came back from Egypt sainted Jenny “Somehow I doubt there's a word for truth in Arabic. The concept appears alien to them”. They would say anything to get you to buy what they were selling. The price was always flexible. They would start with a large multiple of what they really wanted. There was no concept of fairness, only trickery. It was exactly what my father and his mates had found with the 8th Army in Cairo in 1940. It's funny I grew up in Manchester in the 1950s with the phrase ‘thieving Arab’.  Some things don't seem to change.

Over the months I was shown time and time again that Jan lied. But time and time again God used her for His purposes, to provide me with evidence for my research, to convey messages to me on different topics. After all, prior to Jan, I had had little direct experience of congenital liars.  Doubtless, she was all part of my general education. Time and again I tried to help her, but always the cheat let me down. She was such clear proof that forgiveness is a waste of time. Forgive someone and they just do it again. But then that's what she believes about Allah, the conveniently all-merciful who forgives everything again and again and again.  It appears to be the Muslim version of the Roman Catholic confessional. “ Go forth and sin no more” - but there are always back the next Sunday.

However, it was only because of Jan ringing me on the 27th August [2] to tell me about Daniel's inquest, that I found out the inquest had taken place . There was never any report of Daniel's inquest in the New Zealand Herald. So on 27th August, I requested the inquest findings from the Clerk to the Coroners court. The judge's findings arrived in my letter box on Saturday 4th September, the very day the Judge's findings were made known in Christchurch, New Zealand, the Godless land where the voice of God is silent.  Incidentally the coroner for Daniel's inquest was Neil McLean, New Zealand’s Chief Coroner who is now to officiate at the Pike River mine disaster inquest. 

   Truth and Omens
Is it just chance that the End Times sequences of my relationship with Jan began on the 12th November. She visited me a couple of times in October and then on 1st November. I didn't particularly want her to come. I had had more than enough of her lies. Yet on 5th October she brought the full report on Daniel's inquest and on the 12th November she was caused to bring a book to show me. It was a memorial book made for Daniel by children at his school. She actually said to me “It's important for your work”.  And it was, much more so than either she or I realised at the time.  The irony is that the motto of the school is Veritas, which those few of us left who know any Latin will realise means Truth.  Unfortunately the book does not show the motto but it is hanging on the wall at Jasmine's home. It struck me that it would have been nice to have had the motto embossed on the book cover . Truth is particularly ironic given that, within six hours, Jan gave me two different reasons why she had come to visit me that day. There were two different versions of how she'd acquired the book at two different times, one version on the 11th November and the other on the 12th. And both contradicted how she told me she'd acquired the book a couple of weeks earlier. It is especially ironic given that truth is all that is left on death. All the lies, all the compromises, all the shades of grey, fall away…Grey mouth  John Key???  All that is left is truth on God's final Judgement, the final accounting for each and every one of us.

I copied the coloured memorial book in black-and-white on my photo copier. But there was a strange sign of death as I walked down to the other building to make the photocopy. There was a loud noise and I saw a bird flapping at the window trying to get out. Apparently the Maoris say that a bird in the house is a sign of death. The bird was clawing at the window above the bench where I do my bookbinding, trying to get out. The poor thrush was unable to comprehend the nature of glass, why it could see the sky but not reach it.  Immediately I saw it as a link to Daniel, as I had his memorial book in my hand. In a way the glass symbolise the veil of death. A bird symbolises the human spirit. The Egyptians portrayed the soul as a human-headed bird leaving the body on death. We still do not have any better representation. Only birds can fly, soar to the heavens and the only distinctive element of a person is the face.  It is  the only part we can recognise with certainty. So a human headed bird is really a very good symbol of a spirit. The Christian artists instead gave people wings thus creating angels. It is just another representation.

But now I see that sign of death as referring not only back to Daniel and his death just before Easter but also forward to death on the West Coast, five days hence. What caused Jan to come that day? If only she had told me the truth, I could have drawn a reliable conclusion.  As it is I can only conclude that God even uses liars and cheats when it suits His purposes. Anyway, 12th November was definitely the appointed day. I realised that a few days later when the idea came to me to calculate the time interval between Daniel's death and Jan bringing his memorial book. It was precisely 229 days and in the Alpha and Omega codes, the number 229 is the code for the Apocalypse, the End of the World as described in the book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible.  Our derivation of code 229 came in November 1988, via an inspired Hollywood film The Seventh Sign. It is a film which uses passages from both the New Testament Book of Revelation and the Old Testament Book of Joel as well as a coincidence involving the number 229.  Then on the 13th , 14th ,16th ,17th and 18th November, came more powerful proof that I could trust the signs and that there is a Source of Intelligence that not only knows the future in detail, but is choosing to orchestrate it.  The recurring theme is very much The End of the World


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