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Is the last Battle of Armageddon not now being fought out around the world? Before the founding of the state of Israel, the Jew was not associated with violence – more sinned against than sinning. But now, armed by the devil, Israel has become a nation of ever greater vengeance seekers. They have the power now – others will pay. “Ten eyes for an eye,” as Gordon McLaughlin once said before he was dumped as a columnist by the New Zealand Herald, doubtless for being 'anti-semitic'.  The Israelis have conveniently short memories when it suits. They have recreated the Warsaw Ghetto in Gaza. There, but for the Grace of God…. But that is Elohim – not Jehovah.

The Israeli  idea of freedom is the freedom to propagate Pro-Zionist views. Other views should be resisted, even in all other countries. Anti-Zionist opinions must be suppressed at all costs.  The hate focus groups are very vocal, so powerful, and so insidious. Now we suffer much poorer cartoons in the NZ Herald.  The talented cartoonist, Evans, suffered the same fate as McLauchlin for daring to depict the actions of Israel in an unfavourable light in his excellent cartoons.  Out comes the old chestnut.....anti-semitic, for anyone who attacks the selfish evils of Zionism.  The NZ Herald cartoons now lack bite, but at least there is never any criticism of Israel. The cartoons are usually New Zealand focussed, but I suppose that’s the way New Zealanders prefer to see the world, as little of it as possible. I now find my eye drawn to 5.56 on cooker clock.  Today's  Word Wall in the puzzles section of the NZ Herald is 2556 .

The vengeful Arab should have been left to fight the vengeful Jew in the Middle East. America has interfered at its own peril and at the peril of the world at large. Look at what has happened to the world because of the misguided and ill-targeted American revenge for 9-11.  The American response to 9-11 ensured that the Arab-Jew conflict, the war between the peoples of the foreskin, would become a world war.

The tail of the American Jew, with the staunch help of the red-neck, zealous American patriot, has wagged the American dog with disastrous results like Iraq and Afghanistan. Worse is to come. America has been directly responsible for the suffering of millions of people in the Middle East. Will they all forgive and forget once there is a new President? Will not someone be determined to bring Baghdad to New York, Washington or Los Angeles?  Vocal, powerful Jews and Big Oil have pushed the Iraq War. It got rid of a danger to Israel – Saddam Hussein. But has the war in Iraq not really been a hydra writ large?  But the warnings were there in February and March, 2003.  On 18th February, I wrote an open letter to the British, Australian and NZ Prime Ministers warning of the signs in my research on meaningful coincidence.  ( See A Warning For America ) I also wrote to the US Ambassador in NZ, a former financier, by the name of Swindells.  Yes God does have a sense of humour.  I got replies from the offices of all three Prime Ministers, but only the Australians seemed to have read it properly. There was no reply from the Yanks. On the morning that the White House half-wit started his War
Freedom, the mileage on my car reached 229007km, as I reached my destination.  It was a singing lesson.  My singing teacher decided we would do an air from Mendelssohn's Elijah.  And don't forget that it was a code on a car that predicted the Lockerbie air disaster, nineteen days in advance.

Columbia -  DC NB  was a warning to America about the dangers of carrying its high-maintenance Israeli passenger. One day, a container will get through. The signs have been clear on many occasions. The latest was at Onehunga Wharf on 21/5/08. Jenny noticed the trailer registration as we sped past as it had its flashers on – A911W – Was this meant to be a reminder  of 911 enclosed by " and T?  The van in front of us had the registration plate ... 508. The Code for the Columbia Shuttle disaster was 508. Or was it all just chance, like the artic lorry that pulled out of RAF Chicksands that morning in September 1992, with its clear message 'Lockerbie comes to America'.  It took nine years exactly for it to come, but arrive it did, on the morning of 11th September, 2001. 

I have no idea when or where this container will get through. As with 9-11, it is safer not to know the exact details in advance. However, when an American city is destroyed in a nuclear explosion, as the signs warn so clearly one will be, the circumstances will fit the Codes precisely. Perhaps the Manhattan Project will finally have come home to roost. It will be an even stronger example of the danger of roosting chickens

It will be part of the Justice of God. It is OK for Americans to destroy other people’s cities, destroy their history, their traditions, their cultures, to ensure the security of the most ephemeral, the most worthless ‘culture’ on the planet. It seems only right that they get back what they so happily dish out to others.  [Postscript] 

Perhaps it is appropriate that I write that item this morning, 25th May 2008, 25-5-8. for the Codes this morning emphasised Code 558 which, as well as linking to ‘death, Egypt and the Muslim World’, cross-connects to nuclear disaster – At Lockerbie, 55º7’N, the Pan Am jumbo jet N739PA was destroyed. So, moving on one as a Code, 558 links to 740. Wash 740 was a report, WASH 740 – whitewash – which looked at the consequences of a major disaster at an American nuclear power station….. Today, on 25.5.8, our house electrical power meter reading was 79255.8 kWh when the time was 5.08 on the kitchen cooker clock. Take it or leaveit, it makes no difference to me.  The signs have shouted warnings for two decades.  No one really wants to know.  The NZ Herald weekend edition Word Wall was number 2558. It is in Time Out at the weekend. On Friday, 23rd May, Word Wall was 2557 with the letters LBW-RA – Bowled out by Ra. Word Wall 2558 was an anagram for ROAST. Remember Event 508 was the Columbia Shuttle disaster – with its Israeli ‘top gun’ passenger.

Yes, take it or leave it. Everyone pays the price for what they have done. The signs are so very clear about that. For some justice comes in this world, but sadly very few relatively speaking. But for all, it most certainly comes in the next world. 25th May 2008-05-26

Saddam Hussein was not a good man, but compared to the manifold evil of George Bush, Saddam Hussein was a saint. Saddam Hussein only caused local problems.  Look what the evil of the Bush regime has done to the whole planet. Saddam Hussein was typical Arab rhetoric, hot air. Bush has replaced that with fire – a fire that, in time, will burn America.

Cherie Blair claims, in her recent ‘load of tosh’ – that was a book critics’ view of her recent autobiography, that she said to Blair after Dr Kelley's suicide, “God knows your motives are pure, even if the consequences are not as you hoped.” The signs I got in March 2006 in London, when the Independent and the Daily Telegraph both carried the headline ‘God will be my judge over Iraq….Blair’ suggest that his counsel was in error. But what would you expect of a bloody lawyer? God has no need of barristers or solicitors. The signs that morning suggested that Blair will be toasted for eternity.  Swapping horses to become a Catholic is like swapping deckchairs on the Titanic.  God doesn't care what clothes a deceitful hypocrite wears, only what he or she says and does.

25th May 2008

Postscript. Didn't Sharon Stone use the term 'karma' recently about the Chinese earthquake?  But of course 'karma' only comes to the 'bad guys'......21st June 2008.  I found a second  copy of a significant book yesterday, Nemesis....I found the first copy on 19th March 2005.  That was before I understood the code 3-19  Crede Signo.  That was exactly a year in the future then.


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