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I sent this book promotional article to a few magazines recently

New Ideas on Destiny, Life and Death, Princess Diana and the Duke of Windsor

Following our telephone conversation some while ago, I enclose a summary article explaining a little about our three connected books covering the royal family from a very controversial angle.

The first book, Diana Beyond the Veil, gives the words of Diana from beyond the grave. But it first sets the stage, explaining why she was sent to speak to Brian and Jenny. Diana’s sadness and anger from beyond the grave will strike a chord with so many women who have been betrayed by men. And there is her grave disappointment at what has happened with her sons. How do we know it is true, that it really is her? Because of all the other interconnecting threads described in this book and the other two.

The second book PenRose is about meaningful coincidence. But why is it meaningful? This book explains the significance of coincidence and the purpose of it. Coincidence appears to be orchestrated. Could it be by God? Does God use codes, the language of spies, to tell the truth about Britain’s secret services and the royal family? But surely it has to be a novel? Could all these coincidences really happen? Is it like The Celestine Prophecy, a series of parables? Or is it a genuine revelation of a new method of gleaning the truth of what is really happening in the world around us today?

The third book Kismet - The keys to Space and Time presents two different tapestries of destiny, one the life of the author, Brian Cocksey, the other in the Princes of Wales over seven centuries. And then it illustrates the linking of the two, in significant crossing point, dates with destiny. Is it just chance that Brian was born on 12th May 1947, exactly ten years to the day from the moment when King Edward VIII was due to be crowned King in Westminster Abbey? The image on the cover of this book is almost akin to the ghost of the king, whose spirit first came to Brian and Jenny in 1989. Turin shroud like, that ghostly image must have been burned by the fierce New Zealand sun into the cloth of the cover of a book about the King, perhaps over years in a book shop window. Is it just chance or is it indeed destiny that Jenny found that 1937 book complete with its dust jacket on 12th May 2001 at a North Shore book fair. ‘Kismet’ is Arabic for ‘destiny’. There is much to ponder in this book. But it is not just about history. It is about the present and the future too.

The books will appeal to women and to men alike for different reasons. Women will relate to Diana’s emotions, her comments about how touched she was by her funeral, her fury at the ‘other woman’, her sadness at her betrayal both before she died and since. But men will wonder about the ideas of puzzles, codes and hidden messages in the world around. And are not the questions of the survival of death and the existence of God of importance to all?

Diana Beyond the Veil

For the past twenty years, Brian Cocksey and his wife Jenny have been involved in research into the paranormal. Brian is a scientist but, unlike most scientists, he does not dismiss experiences of communication from beyond the grave as hogwash. Too much has happened to them in the last twenty-three years for chance, fraud or delusion to be satisfactory explanations.

One Saturday morning at the end of September 1997, Brian had made a throwaway comment to Jenny about Princess Diana. It was because of a book he had been reading. “Diana and the Queen Mother were two of a kind,” he had said. This seemed to trigger an amazing connection. Jenny appeared to be deep in thought and came and sat down beside him. But he soon realised it wasn’t Jenny talking. She was in a trance. It was Diana speaking from beyond the grave. But this was not a woman talking to an acolyte, a fan, a worshipper. Almost her first words were “I know you don’t like me….” And that was certainly true. He disliked Diana for her extravagance, for her media manipulation and for her doubtful choice of friends. So why did she come to speak to Brian?

But, it wasn’t the first communication they had had with the Waleses but his earlier links had been in this world of space and time. Brian had communicated at length with the Prince of Wales in 1990/1991 and been commissioned to do some work for him. His Private Secretary told Brian that the Prince of Wales was quite interested in their coincidence research and the deeper matters it revealed. But the meaningful coincidences revealed far more than the Prince would like. In the end, Brian came to dislike Diana’s husband at least as much, for his utter hypocrisy.
Then, over the ten years 1997-2007, the spirit of Diana has spoken often to them, always triggered by some happening in the physical world, often the next act in the Royal Soap Opera. Read her words in Diana Beyond The Veil and also read about the circumstances which led up to Brian and Jenny's visit from the spirit of Princess Diana, and why that is only part of a much greater picture. Yes, Diana's words are thought-provoking. So is the intricate web of destiny which authenticates their veracity.

Is there indeed a destiny for each and every one of us? Diana’s death was encoded in her passport number 12558D. In the Enigma Codes of Destiny which Brian and Jenny have gradually deciphered over two decades, the code number 558 indicates ‘death, Egypt and the Muslim world. They came to understand that code in 1990, shortly after their return from Egypt. It was seven years later that Diana died in a car with an Egyptian, surrounded by memories of her affairs with two Muslim men and suggestions of a possible pregnancy….

On 17th August 1997, other ‘coincidence’ codes predicted Diana’s murder, precisely, two weeks before her death. Can it all possibly be just chance? That death revolved around an auction in New York, organised by Mohamed al Fayed. It was the sale of all the belongings of the Duke of Windsor, so that the Duke’s house in Paris, acquired by Fayed in 1986, could be Diana’s new palace in exile.
Events seem so intricately and precisely interconnected across space and time. Don’t try and tell me I look. It is as though some great hand is pointing them out to me, things that matter in the apparent random noise of world history and current affairs. I can either heed it or ignore it. Most people choose to ignore it. Either they are afraid of the mockery of the vocal opinion formers or they just prefer to remain in ignorance. I have chosen to heed and the interaction has become ever stronger.

Kismet and the Keys to Space and Time

But Diana speaking from beyond the grave is only part of the story. There is so much more. There are so many strange coincidences threaded through the stories of Princess Diana and the Prince of Wales down through the course of Britain’s history. Why did Prince Charles break with tradition, insisting on being married in St. Paul’s Cathedral in 1981? Royal weddings were either in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor, or Westminster Abbey. You have to go back to 1501 to find another Prince of Wales who married in St. Paul’s Cathedral. That was Old St. Paul’s, which was subsequently burned down in the Great Fire of London in 1666. It was on 14th November 1501 that Prince Arthur had married Katharine of Aragon, to bind the thrones of England and Spain. It just happened to be 447 years later, to the day, that Prince Charles was born, on 14th November 1948.

But it was not Prince Arthur’s destiny to become king. He died at Ludlow on 2nd April 1502. So, by courtesy of a Pope, Katharine, Princess of Wales, was passed on to the new Prince of Wales his brother, Henry, who not long afterwards became King Henry VIII. But two decades on Henry had tired of his Spanish wife and wanted to marry his English mistress. However, the Church of Rome would not oblige with a divorce. Another Pope refused to dissolve that marriage. Hence the Church of England was born and Archbishop Thomas Cranmer dutifully married the King to Anne Boleyn privately and in secret on 25th January, 1533.

And in 2005, the spiral came round again. Charles and the Tudors appeared to be linked in destiny through time. The ‘future sovereign’ wanted to marry his long-time mistress. This time, there had been no problem with a divorce. The civil authorities were very compliant. And to help the public forget his first mistake, the first wife was conveniently airbrushed out of the picture. However, this time, it was the Church of England now which refused Charles’ request for a marriage to his mistress, with some stupid qualm about not blessing an earlier infidelity. So he was forced to marry as a commoner in Windsor Guildhall on 9th April 2005, in a service of questionable validity. As ever, the government’s tame lawyer, the Attorney General, was able to set consciences aright. He decided that the royal Marriages Act was not a problem. But then, his forerunners had ensured that the evidence to send Anne Boleyn to the block was there when needed. There had been a final delay of one day, caused by the funeral of yet another Pope, who had just died, also on 2nd April. The Archbishop of Canterbury attended a Pope’s funeral for the first time since the founding of the Church of England in 1533. The Prince of Wales, for the first time ever, bowed the knee to Rome and danced attendance on a dead pope. And this Prince claims to sense the cadences of Cranmer’s words in the Book of Common Prayer. What a pity he doesn’t see it as more than fine words.

Was it just chance that Ludlow came up again in the press coverage in the days leading up to that second wedding of Prince Charles? The first photo taken of Diana and Camilla together was at Ludlow Races in March 1981 when the Rottweiler vetted the Mouse. Now it was reprinted again But there was another link with destiny. Back in 1981 Camilla had just helped Charles choose his new home at Highgrove in Gloucestershire. The British Telecom area phone code was 0666 when they chose it, 1666 now that they are man and ‘wife’.

So, are there threads in destiny? Is there something much deeper than the material world we see around us? To what extent are we actors on a stage? For Diana’s speaking from beyond the grave is part of a much larger puzzle. Her destiny is linked strongly into that of her former husband. Perhaps it is not the destiny of Charles Philip Arthur George to be crowned either, for the connections to Edward, the King who abdicated for love, are also strong.

Diana’s father was Earl Spencer. Charles’ great uncle, King Edward VIII abdicated the throne in 1936 to marry Wallis Simpson. But that was her second marital surname after she married Ernest Simpson. Her first married name had been Spencer. She became Wallis Spencer when she married her US Navy pilot husband, Earl W. Spencer. Wallais was divorced from her Earl Spencer on 10th December 1927. King Edward VIII signed a deed of abdication on 10th December 1936. Charles was invested at Caernarvon Castle on 1st July 1969, Diana’s 8th birthday. Are there indeed celestial links in births, marriage and deaths and even in divorces too?

And is there indeed a destiny for each and every one of us? Diana’s death was encoded in her passport number 12558D. In the Enigma Codes of Destiny which Brian and Jenny have gradually deciphered over two decades, the code number 558 indicates ‘death, Egypt and the Muslim world. They came to understand that code in 1990, shortly after their return from Egypt. It was seven years later that Diana died in a car with an Egyptian, surrounded by memories of her affairs with two Muslim men and suggestions of a possible pregnancy….

On 17th August 1997, other ‘coincidence’ codes predicted Diana’s murder, precisely, two weeks before her death. Can it all possibly be just chance? That death revolved around an auction in New York, organised by Mohamed al Fayed. It was the sale of all the belongings of the Duke of Windsor, so that the Duke’s house in Paris, acquired by Fayed in 1986, could be Diana’s new palace in exile. Events seem so intricately interconnected across space and time.


Contesting the Evidence

Over the years, meaningful coincidences have again and again and again re-echoed the message that Diana was murdered. So, to that extent Fayed was right, but the codes have never implicated the Duke of Edinburgh. These coincidences increased in frequency and intensity from the beginning of February 2008. As the inquest progressed at the High Court in London, so parallel coincidences kept happening half a world away in Auckland, in a kind of running commentary disputing the evidence.

One powerful example is the following. Brian and Jenny’s car was damaged in an accident on 19th February 2008, at Mission Bay in Auckland. It was just as the head of Britain’s Secret Services, MI5 and MI6, was swearing in court that the Secret Services had no involvement with Diana’s death. Brian felt that the car crash must have some connection to the inquest. It was the first accident he had had in ten years. Dramatic happenings in their lives had always been part of a deeper message. They had seen this repeatedly over twenty years. That crash had to have a meaning. But it was Jenny who made the link. A couple of days after the accident, she was reading the account of the spy chief’s evidence and triumphantly said to Brian,

“You haven’t seen it – the link – why our car crash happened.” The barrister in the High Court in London had said to the spy chief “In all your years in the SIS…..” Brian and Jenny’s Legacy Estate car was insured by SIS Insurance in Auckland. Over the previous 48 hours, Brian had spent ages on the phone to SIS. In fact, he had just got the post from the letterbox and put it on the coffee table when Jenny had made the link.

“Look what’s just arrived,” he said, holding up an SIS envelope. “It’s the SIS claim form.” It gave the lie to the SIS claim. The coincidence was positively shouting that the SIS were involved in Diana’s car crash. And why was it Mission Bay? Was it because Mission Bay has a beautiful fountain and they erected a fountain in London supposedly in Diana’s memory? But that open drain was what the royals wanted, not what Diana wanted. She would have liked a classical fountain like the one at Mission Bay. But there was more even than that. The accident had to be on that date, specifically. The original Windsor auction was set for 11th September 1997 and postponed because of the deaths of Dodi and Diana. The postponed auction began in New York…..on 19th February 1998. Ten years on, to the day, Brian and Jenny’s car, a Legacy, was involved in this car crash. Diana had alluded to a legacy in an early communication from beyond the grave in October 1996.

So was part of the purpose of Brian and Jenny’s car crash to link very specifically car crash with the auction of the Duke of Windsor’s possessions, his legacy. Was it, in part, reaping and sowing…..? But perhaps Diana’s early death saved her from something worse. It’s all in the books.

The royals wanted Diana and any memory of her to disappear, exactly as they had with the Duke of Windsor. They are not a pleasant family, as Diana found to her pain and cost. Her sorrow is so poignant in her words from beyond the grave. Now the whitewashes are done. The Stevens Report and the Inquest have acquitted the powers-that-be, even if the man in the street is less certain. But, the meaningful coincidences will not go away. They keep shouting a different conclusion. She was murdered!

Why does it matter now anyway? Is it because her death and all these coincidences are part of a much wider proof? If coincidences are orchestrated, there has to be an orchestrator. What else can that orchestrator be but God? Is Diana’s death intended to be part of a comprehensive proof of the existence of God? It started with a precise prophecy of her death two weeks in advance, a prophetic knowledge of the future. Yet the first indications of her assassination had come six years before she died. It ends with all the signs warning of official deception, lies and cover-up. And at the centre of it all are New Zealand links. The former MI6 spy who told the inquest of the Milosevic-style assassination plan that killed Diana was Richard Tomlinson, a New Zealander. Arriving in Auckland in August 1998 he was harassed by the New Zealand SIS at the behest of the British Security Services in a blaze of publicity. That was shortly before he made public his claims as to how Diana was probably murdered.

And the New Zealand connection comes in again, with Sir Edmund Hillary, the conqueror of Everest. And here is another little coincidence. Jenny baby-sat for his children many years ago. All Hillary’s early links were to Tuakau and Papakura, and Brian’s only long-term links in NZ over the past thirteen years have been in Tuakau and Papakura. He has lived in Papakura for thirteen years and worked in Tuakau for eight of them. And there is another April 2nd coincidence. On that day in 2008, the Sir Edmund Hillary memorial service was held in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor. It was broadcast live by NZTV1. The last such live broadcast to New Zealand from that chapel was Charles’ wedding blessing, on 9th April 2005. On that very day, an engineer friend of Brian’s had found a significant art book for him at a Glenfield Library Booksale. It warned of the future for the ‘happy couple’…… And remember the Coronation link with Hillary? News of his success on Everest reached Britain just in time for the Queen’s coronation on 2nd June 1953.

Even a week after the inquest, the coded messages of meaningful coincidence kept on arriving. On 17th April 2008, a NZ Herald headline was, ‘Numbers add up to 007’. It was on page B7. Was it just coincidence or was it design that led to the James Bond exhibition now on at the Imperial War Museum in London? It coincided so neatly in time with the end of the Diana inquest. The 007 exhibition marks the centenary of both of the ‘Father of James Bond’, Ian Fleming, on 28th May 1908. But in that birth, there is a death link too. For the Duke of Windsor died in that Paris villa on 28th May 1972. Was that coincidence a little graphic illustration of the words in the Church of England Prayer Book? ‘The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.’ Birth is the beginning; death is the end, at least in this world. So the cycle is complete, from Alpha to Omega. Are these three books part of a powerful proof of the existence of God, Alpha and Omega? Incidentally, the date and place of Richard Tomlinson’s birth are very significant in the Alpha and Omega Enigma Codes.

A pattern is so clearly discernable. Is it logical to say “We cannot explain how that can be. Therefore, it cannot be. That is the arrogant approach of the skeptics and pseudo-scientists.  The coincidences are myriad and very meaningful. They have a purpose. It is like an intricate tapestry woven through space and time. And they do not just have a meaning in connection with the death of Princess Diana and the future of the Prince of Wales.

For Diana’s story is just an example of the significance of coincidences. Do coincidences happen in your own life? Do you wonder about them? Do you see them for the guidance they can give? Or do you ignore them? It’s all depends if you are worth it!

9.21pm  28th May 2008.  An appropriate day to add this page to the site.  It is the 36th anniversary of the Duke of Windsor being called to God's Judgement. He died in the Villa Windsor in Paris on 28th May, 1972.  Given his comments to us on 12th November, 1989 the finding today of a yacht abandoned off Northland a month ago is significant.  It was spotted by an RNZAF Orion plane. The TV3 Six O'clock news has just reported it.  The name of the boat is Air Apparent.  Think about it.  The owner does not intend to salvage it. 

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