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The eye of Cyclone Nardis gathered in the Bay of Bengal on 29th April and struck the Irawaddy delta on May 3rd. That date can be written 5.03. Code 503 is the Code number meaning The Diagrams of Truth. Read that book to understand the hidden Codes in major disasters, the real Codes of God.

Was the Burma tidal wave intended to be further proof of the validity of my research? The answer came in the official death toll. On 9th May, ‘Enigma Day’ in the Codes, the official death toll was 22980. On 10th May, it was 22997. Remember Code 229 is the general Apocalypse Code. The film The Seventh Sign tells a story about the signs preceding the Apocalypse and it revolves around coincidence and the number 229.  10th May brought confirmation of Code 946, Hammer of God with the 'Herald'

Why Burma? Why not? The protective mangrove forests had been cleared for profitability – fish farms and rice paddies.  Market forces led to disaster, just as with that memorable disaster at the start of Thatcher’s War for Freedom, freedom for unbridled market forces, the ultimate triumph of the Gospel of Greed, in March 1986. That message was so clear – The Herald of Free Enterprise – brought instability, disaster and death on a large scale. And embedded in that disaster was the sign of what drives ‘free’ markets, global or otherwise – 666. That information comes from the same Codebook as confirmed the Burma storm surge as being one of the End Times events.

There is little doubt that the storm surge was a Hammer of God for Burma. On 9th May,  there was more proof of one important conclusion of the Diagrams of Truth, that 9-11 was the Hammer of God for America is correct. For the details of the latest signs, why Burma is a Code 558 event and its link to Akhenaten's tomb, buy our latest short book, The Crystal Spheres, which will be available shortly.

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22nd May 2008

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