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The Sechuan earthquake came on 12th May 2008. The lucky number worshippers said it was significant as it was 88 days from the start of the Peking Olympics – which start at 8.8 pm on 8.8.8 - 8th August 2008. All set for luck….. But they understand little about numbers. 8.8 pm can also be written 8.08 pm, which is the Code in the system that matters for major disaster, or multiple disasters.

The Chinese are too superstitious for their own good. Their goddess is Luck, dressed up in various guises. And gold is the target, the heart’s desire. It is all tied up in the material world – which mantra will bring wealth, health and happiness, probably in that order.  But those numbers are mumbo jumbo.

The earthquake happened to show that there is a real God. It is a warning to China, rapidly becoming the most aggressive nation on the face of the earth. The evidence is in the codes.  The earthquake halted the triumph of the Olympic Torch through this enormous country of 1.3 billion people. 

Was it meant to? Thinking people, protesting at the utter hypocrisy of China’s leaders, failed to halt the torch in Paris, London or Sydney. The authorities in almost all the countries of the world, except perhaps Japan, are too keen to ‘panda’ to the Chinese…..(Excuse the pun - thank you Jenny) All that matters is trade – big profits for important people in the East and the West and sod the people, East or West.  New Zealand has just negotiated a 'great' free trade deal with China.  The only real benefits are to China.

12th May is a most significant date.  It also links to the film The Seventh Sign and hence the End Times. The video of that film was released on 12th May 1989. That film is a story about the signs preceding the Apocalypse and it revolves around coincidence and the number 229…. An earthquake comes as the film reaches its climax. See The Seventh Sign.

The China earthquake completed a 19 year cycle – the cycle of the moon, long worshipped as a symbol by men of evil in various guises. The moon is a good symbol for the rulers of this world today, be they military men, financial manipulators , oil sheikhs, or politicians of any hue.

Even the time of the earthquake was precise, to the very minute – 2.28 pm.  The Alpha and Omega Code 228 carries the meaning Revelation, in particular the Revelation of St. John the Divine, known as the Apocalypse, the last book of the Bible. Apokalypsis is Greek for Revelation. Code 228 derives from the Dewey Decimal library book classification code. Yes, Dewey was most definitely inspired when he chose that Code. But then the idea did come to him during a sermon in the Amherst College Chapel in 1873.

However, God knew that inspiration of Codes and books was to have a deeper purpose, a much broader significance. Yes – it’s all in Codes – the real Codes of God. Newton believed there were codes in the Bible. He was a far wiser man than the current holder of the Lucasion Chair at Cambridge, Stephen Hawking, who imagines that the whole of reality can be expressed in his wretched equations. Read more in God, Codes and Signs….

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22nd May 2008

A Postscript,
But wait, there's even more .......

I received the following e-mail from Mary, a friend of Jenny's, someone we had not heard from in nearly two years. 

0947 16/06/08
Hello Jenny and Brian
I enjoy reading your website and found the article on China very interesting. I have just returned from a holiday in China and was there during the earthquake.
You may or may not know that the earthquake occurred on the same day as Buddha's birthday.

Mary had been very interested in our Seventh Sign research around the year 2000, so I replied as follows:

2320 16/06/08

Nice to hear from you. That China page is barely the tip of the iceberg re the Seventh Sign and 2297 coincidences over the past few months. Did you read the Burma page? I had been working on The End Times Herald Blog but there were quite a few problems when the Web hosting lot changed over servers. It takes so long to produce web-sites and there is so little response. No, I did not know it was Buddha's birthday. It was my birthday too! We haven't heard from you for a year or more. Funny you chose today to look at our site. The NZ Herald is going through the 229Xs in its Code Cracker Crosswords. 2290 was 6th June D-Day. Today is 2298.

But was Mary right?  It seemed odd that no-one in all the extensive media coverage of the China earthquake had mentioned what must surely be a significant coincidence. But perhaps no-one had dared mention it for fear of offending the Chinese Government.   So, I went to Wikipedia which had been so helpful in proving that 9/11 was the Hammer of God for America.  It was equally helpful here. Mary was indeed right.  Here is the link top the Wikipedia page.'s_Birthday

And here is the list of Buddha's birthdays, by year, from that page:

•2003: May 8
•2004: May 26
•2005: May 15 (This is a Sunday, hence May 16 becomes a holiday in Hong Kong and Macau.)
• 2006: May 5
• 2007: May 24
• 2008: May 12
• 2009: May 2
• 2010: May 21
• 2011: May 10
• 2012: May 28
• 2013: May 17
• 2014: May 6
• 2015: May 25

Perhaps it is significant that the list ends at 2015, because the signs which have come to us as we have continued with our deciphering of the Alpha and Omega codes over the past year suggest that that is when the End Times sequences will reach their climax.  Is the time which is spoken of in our book Mary, Daughter of Elohim, when 'Few will see the dawn.....'

So Mary was right.  She had discovered this fact because she had been to a service in a Buddhist temple in China on the day that the earthquake occurred. She heard about the earthquake later on in the day.  It had surprised her that no-one made any reference to the fact that it was Buddha's birthday.  Surely, this had some significance?  It just couldn't be chance!

So, that is how she knew that it was Buddha's birthday.  Fortunately, she was nowhere near the area of devastation. Mary was on a group visit to China. It should have been to China and Tibet. In fact the original idea was that it should be to India, China and Tibet. But during the planning phase it became clear that the inclusion of India made the costs too high.  So the trip was curtailed and as a result, half a dozen of the people considering joining the group dropped out. But there was another complication.  You cannot get a visa for Tibet outside China, so they had to take a chance on being able to get to Tibet. But the tour leader assured them that she had had had words of assurance from other realms that all would be well.  Despite this, upon arrival in China there was only bad news. Things were far from well. 

The supposed openness of China, much vaunted to Western media during the immediate aftermath of the Szechuan earthquake, was not in evidence when it came to New Zealand tourists being allowed to visit Tibet. It was claimed to Mary's group that Chinese people were allowed to visit Tibet, but they heard unofficially that even native Tibetans were not allowed back into their own country. So the Tibet section of the trip had also to be cancelled.  So they ended up with five weeks in China.  It was a visit which Mary enjoyed but if she had initially, been offered a trip just to China for five weeks for $9,000 she would have rejected it. She really wanted to go to Tibet because she was investigating Buddhism.

But was she meant to go? Mary has been searching for many years, trying to find the truth. She had spent a lot of time with us between 1996 and 2001 trying to understand our research. But, there were some things which perhaps she found uncomfortable and so in the end moved on to oriental things, Hinduism and Buddhism in particular.

It's rather strange that the man who was organising much of their Chinese strip actually came from Chengdu, the epicentre of the earthquake. And there were other curious connections too. The woman who organised the trip was a woman we had met four years ago when she advertised for people to join her trip to Egypt. We gone to see her one morning at her home, but had been somewhat discomfited by her philosophy. She was an ardent disciple of Melchizadek, a mystical group with a wide following around the world. She happily spoke of an amorphous group termed in the ‘Ascended Masters’. We started to have even more misgivings when she talked about having recently led a group which channelled Merlin. As Merlin is merely a Wizard of the King Arthur legends and not a historcal figure at all, it really did begin to ring alarm bells. I was waiting to hear next if she got any messages from Excalibur, but before she got onto that he got even worse. She explained that she was also a channel for Akhenaten the heretic Pharaoh. He was a great pal of her’s it seemed and she liked to call him Akki. She explained how he was an alien, an extra terrestrial being who had come to earth during the reign attributed to Akhenaten. Not for one moment could we accept that this was anything other than evil nonsense. Jenny is often aware of the spirit of Ankhsoun, Akhenaten's daughter, his real daughter. And Jenny could sense Ankhsoun’s spirit absolutely fuming at this absolutely evil rubbish which was being talked about her father. According to the Mary’s tour organiser, Akki had finally gone off with a group of priests. Nothing could be further from the truth, because Akhenaten hated priests, with all their lives and their corruptions.

So we had decided that we wanted nothing to do with this woman's Egyptian trip.. And I'm quite sure we would not have improved the spiritual atmosphere of the group. We know where our inspiration comes from and we were fairly sure where her’s came from too. So, it was quite a surprise to hear from Mary that she had taken part in one of this woman's group tours. She'd mentioned to us that day at her house that she taken groups to Peru, but I had not remembered any link to China. Although thinking back I think she did mention something about Tibet once.

Mary mentioned that this woman claimed to have some kind of contract with the aliens she channeled and they had promised her that she would get to Tibet in a group of 12 women. The closure of the border with Tibet had proved something of a blow to this prophecy from the aliens. But all was revealed when one day a Chinese guide boarded their minibus and informed them that they were now in what, a hundred years before, had been Tibet. This, it was claimed, was the fulfilment of the prophecy of the aliens to the tour leader. This information came around the time that the group had reached Shangri-La. I was surprised when Mary told me this because I thought that Shangri-La was a mystical place, the subject of a novel upon which 1960s film was based. I even had a dim recollection of seeing the film. But Mary told me that some Chinese scholars had decided this was where Shangri-La must have been. Anyway would do no harm to tourism would it?

However when Mary had signed up for the trip she had expected to get to what everyone else understands as Tibet., Lhasa and the great monastery set high upon its rock. Funny how the Chinese are finally built a railway into Tibet. It's the highest railway in the world reaching a height of 5070m. And there we have the world's end code again. Is the purpose of the railway not to help destroy Tibet's unique culture and increase the stranglehold of China?

When Mary told me this supposed alien prophecy fulfilment, I was immediately reminded of the three witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth, the infamous Scottish play. Later in the play, Macbeth goes to see the three witches as things appear to be coming unravelled. So the weird sisters give him the following rhymes of comfort:

Macbeth shall never vanquished be long until Great Burnham Wood to high Dunsinane Hill shall come against him.

So Macbeth felt secure. After all trees cannot pull their roots and walk up the hill.
And the final promise was even better:

No man of woman born can harm the Macbeth.

So Macbeth need fear no one, for all men are born of women. Of course just like the promise given to the tour guide, all was not as it seemed. For when the English army came to Glamis Castle, the captain gave the order to pull down the branches of trees to disguise the strength of the army. They didn't know how many troops were still loyal to Macbeth. And so Great Burnham Wood came up the hill to Dunsinane.

But still Macbeth knew he need not fear even when later, in single combat, he came up against his sworn enemy Macduff. After all Macduff was born of woman like everyone else. Except that he was not. When Macbeth tells Macduff that he cannot harm him because no man born of woman can harm him, Macduff gives Macbeth the bad news. Macduff was not born of a woman. He was from his mother's womb ‘untimely ripped’. By the time he was born his mother was already dead. He was born of a corpse. So Macbeth’s promises of safety and security from the witches lay in ruins. It was all quibbling with words, like so much from the agents of darkness. So Macbeth was forced to join the fight with Macduff but his heart wasn't in it and soon like Duncan, Banquo, and Macduff's wife and children, Macbeth too lay dead.

It is very clear that Shakespeare had a very deep understanding about the nature of the powers of darkness and their influence on the lives of men. At the very beginning of the play, he has Banquo summing them up so clearly:
They win us with honest trifles and betray us in deepest consequences.

And that is the way that the guides of so many spiritualist medium’s work. It is also clearly the way that the communicators who claimed to be aliens and made this prophecy to this tour group organiser also work. Yes the group of 12 women got to ‘Tibet’, just not so that anybody would notice. Another excuse made was the cancellation of the Tibet portion of the trip saved them from the earthquake because otherwise they might have been Chengdu at that time.

So make of it as you will. Our inspiration and that of the tour guide are certainly poles apart. Is it just chance that Mary went halfway round the world in search of enlightenment, only to come back to Auckland to find that after all these years I'm still right. She landed in Auckland, via England and Wales, on Saturday 14th June. In the New Zealand Herald puzzles section that day, the Code Cracker Crossword was number 2297. Yes I'm quite certain that I have cracked the Armageddon codes. The Chinese earthquake is but one of the solutions.

And was the earthquake meant to occur on Buddha's birthday because of what the Chinese have done in enslaving the people of Tibet and refusing to allow them to practise their own religion, a way of life infinitely to be preferred to the slavery which so many people in China know today in the great economic miracle. They slave away the very long hours often in very poor conditions for very low wages producing cheap goods for the lazy and greedy people of the West. And outside effluents from these factories to air until water destroy the environment. China is a land where corruption rules. That was so clearly demonstrated with the collapse of all the schools during the earthquake. That was a monument to shoddy building and corruption. Is anything likely to change? No of course it's not. Yes people were allowed to protest but only because of the proximity of the Olympics. After the Olympics it would be business as usual in China

And today the Olympic torch reaches Lhasa. Perhaps there will be more fireworks either today or during the Peking Olympics.

7.31pm (on my Watch) Mid-Winter's day 21/06/2008 18.55.36 (on computer insert D/T) by coincidence, when Jenny drove past the Buddhist temple, in Howick today, our car mileage changed to 223557. Pan Am 103 crashed the Lockerbie on Midwinter 's day 1988 at 55° 7’N. Yes our inspiration comes from a very different source from that of Mary's tour guide. But what a curious coincidence it is that Mary's tour guide lives in Howick.

7.39pm 21st June. The plane was a Boeing 747-121 registration number N739PA.. The code that predicted that disaster was 7AM396557 on a car chassis number. And remember 35° 57’. It will be important ere long.

Finished Corrections 21/06/2008 19:41:53 The End cometh.

Suddenly remembered had to insert re Shangri-La 21/06/2008 19:47:37

Make of it as you will.  I didn't look for the information about Buddha's birthday.  It came to me out of the blue.  Mary thought it must be important.  So she looked at my website to see if I had written anything about the Szechan earthquake.  I had.  So she wrote to me.  I do not need to look for dates or numbers.  They are almost hurled at me day, by day.  I cannot really keep up.  I just write about the main ones.  Little others have occurred as I have been dictating this,  Thank you Dragon Naturally Speaking.  Would that be a Welsh Dragon or a Chinese Dragon.  I must admit to being more comfortable with the former.  Funny Mary was in both countries.  21/06/2008 8.21.16

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