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There are so many End Times pointers around in the world to day. Global warming is but one element. A volcano erupts for the first time in 2000 years. Every year brings more superlatives…. the worst drought in Australia in a hundred years, the worst storm surge in Burma in living memory, the worst earthquake in 30 years in China. The world financial system is in a precarious state, given the global credit crisis and now the commodities crisis. And the war in Iraq drags on and on draining America with every passing day. It also fuels resentment against America and the determination of people to make the Americans pay. In the West everyone is encouraged to consume, to want more.  The speculators and the greedy investors always want ever  greater profits for no worthwhile input on their part. Whatever the crisis, there are vermin around to make money.  Their supposed skill justifies obscene profits.  

The consumers of the west buy up enormous quantities of Chinese goods they don't need, that are produced at enormous cost to both the local and the global environment and to the enslaved people who produce them. Petrodollar airlines are hell-bent on aggressive expansion.... Anarchy on Britain' streets becomes the norm  "don't go out at night" is the 'solution'.  Everywhere society decays.  It is just faster in some places than others. Given its role in promoting market forces to the world, perhaps it is only fair that Britain suffers the fruits amongst the first.   The list goes on and on and on.....

Not only is it clear from the coded signals within the signs that the End is here, the world deserves to be destroyed because everywhere evil rules.

Given below are links to a number of pages which shows the prominence of the end times code in the past six months.

The Frankfurt Bookfair
Financial Collapses
The Burma Cyclone
The China Earthquake
The Battle of Armageddon
Why Akhenaten Now ?

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