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The Alpha and Omega codes have predicted and/or cross-referenced a number of significant world events during 2010. In many of these events there has been a strong emphasis on the codes for the forthcoming End Of The World. Some of these events are intricately cross connected, to each other and to earlier events which had been significant in the Alpha and Omega codes. It is as though these events have been chosen to convey powerful messages for those who choose to understand the code which God has taught me to read over the past 22 years.

The principal events of 2010 were:
The Haiti earthquake 12th January
The drowning of Daniel Lado off Piha beach West Auckland on Palm Sunday, 28th March
The eruption of the
Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull on 14th April
The explosion of the
BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico on 20th April
The crash of the
5th Airbus, Al Afrique, on 12th May
The crash of the
6th Airbus, Pakistan on 28th July
The Chilean mine collapse on the 5th August 
Los 33 A clear link to the film Knowing
EE and the death toll in the third event
The first
Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand on 4th September Apocalypse was on newspaper Headline
My discovery of inspiration in
Dan Brown’s latest novel The Lost Symbol on 17th October
engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton on 16th November
The Pike River mine disaster in New Zealand on 19th November
The attack on the car carrying Prince Charles and Camilla in Regent St on 9th December

....and continuing in 2011....
The Cassandra Jigsaw puzzles and
The Second Christchurch Earthquake on 22nd February, 2011.
The next Cassandra puzzle...the incredible conjunction of signs which preceded the triple Japanese disaster of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power station meltdown on 11th March 2011. For more see Japan- Truly Apocalyptic, but nobody mentions God...     Yes Japan was truly The Chosen One
Then there were the messages in tornadoes  - the tornado storms in the US in late April, the Auckland, NZ tornado on 3rd May and the meaning of the Joplin, Missouri  tornado on 23rd May.
The very clear messages in the third earthquake sequence for Christchurch, New Zealand on 13th June.
Then came the Asteroid Fly -by over the South Atlantic Ocean on 27th June, part of the proof of The New Covenant...that God will destroy mankind in less than four years time
.  See Postscript to Deep Impact and the strange 55577 confirmation coincidence on 30th June.  Everything fits perfectly....

Late 2009 and 2010 brought many messages, in 3 ways, directly from 'the Voice', through meaningful coincidences in my personal life and through world events. From Advent 2009 the links were to Egypt especially Ankhsoun linked to the theme of inspiration. In fact she appeared in the first ever Egyptian horror film in 1932 Boris Karloff classic The Mummy. Her name in the film was Ankh-es-en-amun. The plot of the film revolved an attempt to restore her to life in the world of 1932. It was 54 years before that event occurred in real life, the ultimate example of life imitating art. In June 1986, Ankhsoun's spirit was sent back to tell us the truth about the troubled Amarna period of the 18th Dynasty of ancient Egypt, what really happened to her husband Tutankhamen and her father Akhenaten, but above all what happened to her, particularly after her death at the hands of the cruel priests of Amun. It is particularly significant that my attention was drawn to that film in Advent Sunday 2009 when I happened to pick up an old copy of the magazine Gods Of Ancient Egypt.

A few weeks later I met Jan, a Tanzania woman, whose mother was Egyptian. Jan’s connection to Egypt was tenuous but her connection to the End Times was echoed and re-echoed over the following 11 months. She was from the very start associated with code 946. In the Alpha and Omega codes 946 means Hammer of God, an asteroid impact. Again we come back to the concept of inspiration in art, this time in novels. Code 946 is derived from two of Arthur C Clarke’s novels, namely Rendezvous With Rama of 1973 and The Hammer Of God of 1992. The emphasis on the coming asteroid was especially strong in March.

The eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull on 14th April
In April came the first of the disasters which link to Jenny's death. The major eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull came just after midnight on 14th April 2010. ( Dragon’s attempt at Eyjafjallajokull was idea fire Allah joke will - perhaps significant?) It marked the first anniversary of Jenny's death and Ankhsoun returned to Ra, which happened a little after midnight on 14th April 2009. Ankhsoun's spirit had first been sent to speak through Jenny in a trance in June 1986 and that experience is the origin of our book Ankhsoun, Daughter Of Ra. But a little later in July 1986 Ankhsoun came in a different way. Now she was able to speak to me when Jenny was awake. It was as though two spirits were sharing one body, with control passing from one to the other. Most of the time it would be Jenny, but suddenly out of the blue, I would be aware that it was Ankhsoun who was speaking to me, the transition having been triggered by events around us. But it was not quite as simple as that, because now much of her memory appeared to be locked off, inaccessible, and she could not talk in detail about many of the things she had spoken of in the book. However one thing was very clear, and that was her abject fear of the full moon.

So, when Jenny died, I lost them both. I just had to accepted that it was God’s will, and carry on alone with our Great Experiment . I feared some while before she died that with her death would bring the next stage in my investigations. And now it is all falling into place. She did not die in vain. It seems to be particularly significant though that they are both so clearly commemorated by this volcanic eruption, in time, a year almost to the minute since their deaths, but also in space. When I make notes in my notebooks, I referred to Jenny is J and Ankhsoun as A. So it seems particularly appropriate that the volcano which was chosen was Eyjafjallajokull…….. Look how many As and Js there are in that - and they always come together.

That volcanic eruption caused European airspace to be closed down for almost a week. There were no planes flying anywhere in Europe. There was silent planes parked everywhere, silent arrival and departure lounges silent check-in areas. It was all intended to be indicative of how it will be when the End actually comes.

The explosion of the BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico on 20th April
The aircraft in Europe had barely begun flying when the next anniversary event occurred. This event was much more long lasting and carried within it appointed to the future of mankind. The timing was very precise, again virtually to the minute. BPs Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion came at 9:45pm on 20th April. In New Zealand it was 2:45pm on 21st April and a year to the very minute from the time that I looked at my last on Jenny's coffin nine feet down in the earth at the foot of an obelisk., at Purewa Cemetery, in Auckland.

The circus surrounding the oil rig disaster was most illuminating. BP tried to minimise the scale of what had happened at first and American hypocrisy was seen at its worst. Brash nationalism never very far from the surface with Americans, almost immediately reared its ugly head. The British were to blame, not American greed for oil no matter what the cost to others as can be seen for instance, in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. And Obama was up there with the biggest hypocrites. But what else would you expect but hot air, especially from lawyer turned politician? He just hasn't got the winning smarm of the gone-but-not-lamented Tony Blair, another lawyer never let truth interfere with what he wanted. Actually, they’re all bloody and lawyers. There's another one with Hillary Clinton, their Foreign Secretary. It is not without significance that the last thing that most lawyers seem to worry about is truth. It's all about getting what they want, usually winning and money. No wonder so many lawyers become politicians.

BP struggled to cap the well for months, with estimates of the flow rate ever increasing. Perhaps it is significant that 946 appeared in the estimates on the number of occasions. BP finally succeeded in capping it on 16th July (New Zealand time), very much a ‘destiny day’. That disaster had been woven around oil, the beast of the Apocalypse, incompetence, short cuts and cost-cutting on the part of the rig owners, operators and contractors. Now was very much a case of ‘pass the parcel’ ‘ “It wasn't our fault” As is the case with so many others, this disaster could be attributed to the drivers of market forces. Additionally, BP was working at the forefront of technology and was ill-prepared to cope with disaster when it came. There were no plans to cope with the situation which arose, one which could hardly have been considered an unlikely scenario if risk assessment studies had have been carried out. But the commercial profits of success were very high and nobody asked any real questions. In fact nobody really thought very much at all about the possibility of failure, or the cost of failure, if it came. The Bush mantra was always ‘trust big business’.

The posturing of America's so-called lawmakers - why don’t they just call them politicians - was pure hypocrisy, manifest and manifold. It was pure self-interest, extracting as much political capital as possible from the situation for future personal gain when the next elections come. Right in the middle of it the vengeful Lockerbie relatives got in on the act and various Congressmen began to raise the question of whether BP had been behind the release of the so-called Lockerbie bomber. The implication was clearly that the British government had acted in the interests of BP. One could never imagine an American government acting in the interests of an American company called one? Hypocrites one and all, everyone involved showed the reasons why the End is nigh. All that mankind deserves its destruction. Mendacity is a way of life for too many in this world, particularly those at the top, as the Wiki Leaks releases have shown in recent months.

The location was very much the ‘chosen one’. It's an area very close to that chosen for the last two warnings from God for America. The spaceshuttle Columbia in its death throes swept from west to east across Texas and Louisiana in its imitation of a man made meteorite on 1st February 2003. Its purpose was to warn Bush of the folly of his forthcoming invasion of Iraq. But signs in the sky made no impression on that evil hypocrite. Then Hurricane Katrina swept north in August 2005 , year 229 of America's existence, week 7 ie 229, 7. (2297 means Apocalypse in the Alpha and Omega codes- See The Seventh Sign ). It made the sign of a cross with the track made by the Columbia shuttle. Perhaps it was intended to be punishment for America for the devastation caused by American military might and American political will in Iraq. With the Gulf oil disaster the cross gained a longer tail.

But what was the real reason for that location being chosen? It was because the Gulf of Mexico was ground zero for an extinction level event, the asteroid which wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. That asteroid produced an enormous crater part of which is still to be found at Chixylub on Mexico's Yucatán peninsular. To give some idea of scale, a similar impact today on central London today would produce a crater covering from Brighton , Canterbury, Ipswich, Cambridge, Bedford, Oxford and Basingstoke. And they would be lucky ones. Now it is rather a strange coincidence, that in his epilogue to that 1992 novel The Hammer Of God, Arthur C Clarke specifically draws attention to the coincidence of his finishing writing this novel just as evidence was emerging that Alvarez’s hypothesis that the Chicxulub crater was caused by an asteroid impact, was correct.

And was it really just chance that just six weeks before the BP blow-out , in the 1st week of March, that an article appeared in Nature Science?, signed off by several dozen scientists. It marked the official scientific acceptance that Chixylub was the impact site for the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. One of the keys to the identification of asteroid impact is a high concentration of the element iridium in rocks in the region. At the time this article was reported in the newspapers, Jan came back one day from the charity shop beside the Countdown supermarket in Point Chevalier with four ‘Iridium’ tea mugs. They were just advertising Iridium sparkplugs for car engines, but the juxtaposition was more than chance. After all, Jan had long been associated with code 946. And iridium is very much a sign of a past Hammer of God. But the symbolism of the Gulf oil spill did not end there.

The sealing cap was finally put in place on 16th July (NZT). That is the precise date when a real asteroid impact occurred 16 years ago. It was not on the Earth but it was observed from the Earth. It was on 16th July 1994 that the first fragment of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 hit the planet Jupiter. It was followed over the next seven days by 22 more fragments, the most powerful series of explosions that man has ever witnessed. The Seventh Sign, fragment G, hit Jupiter with a force of 250 million megatons. Man's most powerful bomb was a hydrogen bomb detonated by the Russians at Novaya Zemlya in 1962, a mere fifty megatons. So just think about it. Fragment G was five million times more powerful than man's most awful blast ever. And remember that 16th July is another significant anniversary. It is the anniversary of Trinity Test, when Americans first tried to play God in the New Mexico desert in 1945. Now they had the power of God but sadly without His wisdom. And the situation since has only got worse in that respect. Their bombs are much more powerful now but their wisdom less than ever, viz Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention their eternal support for Israel, however reprehensible Israel's actions are, viz Gaza in December, 2006.

It was this Trinity Test anniversary and another American achievement on another 16th July that led to my derivation of code 5577 in early July 1994. It means ‘Heed or perish’. . So even the date of the sealing of the well continued the theme Hammer Of God. Incidentally code 5577 was also the code that led me to Jan on 18th December 2009.

It is evident that these striking coincidences in space and time show that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill was a precise indication for man as to his future . There are still five Christmases left but only four Easters. Today is 23rd December 2010. In three days time there will only be four Christmases left. And note the time of that first explosion on the oil rig. It was ‘around 9:45pm’. That is pretty close to 946.

(As I finished editing this article so far, I checked my watch. It showed 5:06:55pm on the 27th of December. That confirmed my message that the end is nigh. Code 507 means World's End. It has since July 1985. I photographed my watch against the screen. It was a little difficult to balance the flash. The final close-up photograph shows 50 7:42pm. 742 is another End Times code - Add link to Koestler and World’s End on LA)

The crash of the 5th Airbus, Al Afrique
, on 12th May

The next sign that I am right came on 12th May, my 63rd birthday, with the crash of the 5th Airbus as it landed in Tripoli. (Incidentally my 61st Birthday in 2008, was marked by the Szechuan earthquake in China and my 42nd birthday in 1989 by the release of the video of the Apocalyptic film The Seventh Sign.) This Airbus was an A330 in the unusual black livery of Al Afrique Airways. It was a Libyan Airbus in exactly the same livery as the one that I had photographed at Christchurch, New Zealand on 2nd January 2010. Just as with Airbus crashes No1 ( Perpignan November 2008) and No2 (AF447 mid Atlantic May 2009) the only remaining recognisable part of the Libyan Airbus in the Tripoli field was its tail fin in that black livery with the rainbow 9s. It had been another Libyan Airbus in just that livery which had been used to return the so-called Lockerbie bomber to Libya on 20th August 2009. That was just a executive jet, Gaddafi's own, an 300-600. A300s usually carry 300+ people, but oil-rich Arabs like to flash their wealth around. Do they imagine it impresses Allah? It probably doesn’t matter as their religious beliefs are almost certainly as shallow as their Christian counterparts, viz Bush, Blair and Howard

It seemed curious that there was such a strong Lockerbie link with Airbus crash No 5. Airbus crash Nos 1, 3 ( AF447 in mid-South Atlantic) 31st May 2009 and 4 ( IY 626 off the Comoros Islands -  30 June 2009 ) had all been strongly predicted by code 557 in my life in various ways in the days preceding each disaster. Nos 3 and 4 in particular linked to Jenny's death and her funeral and also to my investigations with Spiritualist mediums. The evening I got the signs for AF447 I arrived home with my car mileage on 232557.-27th May And at the moment I got the prophecy codes for IY 626 on 29th June it was 233557.  The evidence of coherent, precise, external intelligent design was absolutely overwhelming.

It was clear that particular spiritualist mediums had been chosen, that I had been caused to go to their demonstrations, and that the events were orchestrated around me to show the repeat of code 557, because the Source of Intelligence knew precisely which aircraft were going to crash and when. Some Source chose to communicate with me in the code which He had taught me. Now Airbus number 5 was associated with 63, my birthday. 63 is 3x21. On the night of Lockerbie, 21st December 1988, Jenny went to look at an atlas to see where Lockerbie was located she was absolutely astounded by what she saw. Those coordinates explained why we had had 557 emphasised to us very strongly on 3 separate occasions in the 19 days before the crash. The coordinates were 55° 7’ N 3° 21’ W. It was the first time that we had had a coming disaster so clearly and so strongly emphasised to us. And remember that first event involved a crater. I am quite certain that the final event will also involve a crater. The only difference will be the magnitude of the crater and the order of magnitude of the explosion which generates it, 10 7 Megatons? - First to last, Alpha to Omega

That experience long predated GPS systems, but it is significant that the bomb crater in Sherwood Crescent, Lockerbie, created by the explosion of 200 tons of aviation fuel is at exactly 55° 7’ N, as can now be checked by GPS on any internet computer. How times change! In 1988, we had difficulty finding a local map in Lockerbie which clearly showed this 55° 7’N conjunction. But it also illustrates something else, namely that however much the precision increases my hypotheses are never proved wrong. The precision with which the Source links me to world events is uncanny.

This had been very much the case with New Zealand’s Christchurch earthquake. On 1st January 2010, the Voice had told me that I should go to Christchurch. So on the 2nd January ( 2.1.10, which happens to be my postcode here in Papakura) I flew down on a Jetstar A320. At Christchurch airport I found the Al Afrique Airbus A340, another ’300seat’ executive jet used by Gaddafi's son, just ten minutes before it left. He supposedly come to New Zealand for ‘a holiday’ Then I spent the rest of the weekend with an Anglican priest who was interested in coincidence and spiritualism. It was a weekend when I was given very many signs of what was to come, signs linking to Jenny, in particular her death, to Ankhsoun, The Mummy, code 229 and emphasing justice, contrasting man’s with that of God. That justice of God came to a Christchurch almost exactly 9 months later, on 4th September. So was that why the Voice had sent me to Christchurch in January? I'm absolutely certain it was and if you read my account of the Christchurch earthquake you might begin to wonder as well.

Strange coincidences peppered my on/off relationship with Jan during March and April 2010 and again in August. There was so much evidence of external design, of her being caused to do things to give me evidence for my research. It became clear that she was using me, but in turn God was using her and causing me to realise that.

The crash of the 6th Airbus, Pakistan on 28th July
28th July brought the 6th Airbus crash in Pakistan, as the A319 aircraft was about to land in Islamabad. The country was already reeling from the worst floods in 80 years. The flooding was on the Pakistani side of an area that was partitioned in 1947. It was all part of the Punjab when LMS Jubilee 4-6-0 steam locomotive No 5579 was given the name Punjab. And is it just chance that the day before my birthday, 11th May, Jan took her car for a walk (That’s Dragon for you - I said WoF,) a warrant of fitness similar to, but not as strict as the British MOT. The WoF ticket on her windscreen carried the number 635579, a code which I can now see as predicting the next two Airbus crashes, Nos 5 and 6, Tripoli on 12th May and Islamabad on the 28th July.

But there is something rather significant in the date of the Pakistan Airbus crash. It was on 28th July 1945 that there came the first instance of an aircraft flying into a New York skyscraper. A gung ho American pilot, knew it all, ignored the rules, flying a B-25 Mitchell bomber, got lost in cloud over New York. He thought he was over New Jersey, but a break-in the cloud suddenly showed him the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Immediately, he gave the engines full throttle to get as much height as quickly as possible and managed to hit the only building in New York of that height. His B25 exploded into the 79th floor of the Empire State building. The building was hardly damaged. On 11th September 2001 another pilot in a Boeing 767 gave the engines full throttle before exploding into the North Tower of the World Trade Centre. The tower collapsed within two hours. The B29 bomber was much lighter, only 30 tonnes compared with the 200 tonnes of a Boeing 767, but another key factor was the fact that the Empire State building was much more soundly built than were the Twin Towers. They were truly children of market forces, maximum office space at minimum cost, whilst pushing the bounds of technology to its limits. There is never any mention of that in American discussion of 9/11. There were so many deaths because of the American gospel of market forces.

But that unlikely early accident appears to be a significant one in the End Times codes which we are being given. (time now 1842hrs 27th December - Mohammed Atta link - Melbourne -Auckland March 2002). It was certainly an omen of what was to come in 2001.

But why was it Pakistan on the 28th July? Is there a deeper message about the future? Is it because Pakistan is the source from which will come a nuclear bomb to raze an American city? Remember that the name for the 1942-1945 development of the atom bomb at Los Alamos was the Manhattan Project. The rulers of both Pakistan and India have long been evil men, willing to pour millions of dollars into nuclear weapons when the vast majority of their peoples live in abject poverty. It's all about military might and paranoia about your neighbour. In both countries, dishonesty, corruption and incompetence are the watchwords in both public and private life. India is held up as the great market forces powerhouse of the near East. Yet the poor have to bribe police or local government officials to get access to the schemes which the National Government sets up to help the poor. Corruption is endemic in so much of the world, but few of these so-called developing countries have access to nuclear weapons. Now, thanks to Wikileaks, it emerges that the Americans are concerned that Pakistani nuclear materials are not secure. Perhaps the 6th Airbus crash on 28th July is an indication that American fears are well founded.

The next pointer pointer to this region's role in the End Times came on the 14th August, as the floods were still ravaging that former Punjab region of Pakistan. A Shell service station attendant in Papakura started talking to me as I filled my car with petrol. He'd noticed my camera and began to ask me questions about cameras. Then he went on to tell me that he collected banknotes and got a few out of his pocket you show me. I was particularly struck by one old high-value pound note which carried the Queens head. ( New Zealand now uses the inevitable dollar) What struck me in particular was the number of that pound note, 738664. In the Alpha and Omega codes, 738 indicates prophecy and 664 links to Rolls-Royce hearse, the number of a Rolls Royce hearse I rode in in England when I worked for a few days for an undertaker  ???664. It will be on a photo somewhere. It was  thus a reminder of Jenny's funeral. But it does not derive from Jenny's funeral, but much earlier, from England in 1992. I saw it in part as an indication that the Queen herself does not have the 10 to 15 years left which so many interpolate from her devious mother's surprising longevity.

The Rolls-Royce hearse connection caused me to think of the South Auckland Hospice charity shop in Papakura. On 18th April, I had gone into the shop for the 1st time since Jenny's death. It was the Saturday before her funeral. I was astonished to two model Rolls-Royce cars in the Hospice shop window. I'd never ever seen any cars there or in any other charity shop before or since. It really was a staggering coincidence. One was a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud and the other a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow. Jenny's coffin was carried in a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow hearse 3 days later. So now, given the 664 connection, I felt I was being told to go and look in the charity shop. As soon as I arrived I glanced at the power meter beside the door. It read 52297.7 Kwh. There it was code 2297-the Apocalypse, together with 522, the code of Artenn. Now it was obvious why I had been caused to go to the South Auckland hospice shop and why the Indian service station attendant had been caused to engage me in conversation. It was all part of God's intricate design, confirming once again that Jenny's death is a key element in the Apocalypse sequences. India is a large country, but the attendant ‘just happened’ to come from Punjab. It is still called that in India. So, once again, to what extent are we indeed actors on stage? I still have the two model cars.

That question was echoed even more strongly that evening by Jan's latest performance, and its setting in train the first highly precise pointers to the coming Christchurch earthquake.

The Chosen Ones 2010 Bk4774 23rd Dec 2010


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