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In October 2007, a strange coincidence relating to an item in our PO Box led me to the Frankfurt Bookfair. The item was a ‘cheap’ offer on a subscription to the Weekly Telegraph.  I was a little puzzled as to why an English paper was being promoted from Frankfurt.

So I followed up this odd coincidence, coming as it did around the time when I thought the Frankfurt book fair would be on. An Internet search quickly told me that the Frankfurt book fair was due to begin six days later. This coincidence seemed to be suggesting to me that I should go to the Frankfurt book fair to try to promote our books. It was not something that I relished. Overseas travel from New Zealand in the cattle class accommodation which is now the norm on all the carriers out of Auckland was a prospect I dreaded. It's fine in cramped seats if you're short but I'm tall. And I couldn't give a monkeys about entertainment or computer games on the personal TV screen set in the back of the seat in front. I really didn't want yet another 30 hour trip back to Europe  on what I thought would probably end up as another fruitless visit in terms of progress on our books. I knew however that if I was meant to go, it would yield valuable confirmative proof about the validity of our hypotheses.  It turned out I was right on both counts.

I thought that, with luck I would be able to get neither a cheap fare nor a seat, clear evidence that I wasn't meant to go. When I inquired I was more than ambivalent about the result . That fare suggested that I was meant to go.  The cheapest fare from Auckland to Frankfurt turned out to be $2297.

One of the main foci of our work is that of the End Times in which we all now live. The specific code for the apocalypse is to 2297. To understand why, see The Seventh Sign.
That film is a story of about the signs preceding the Apocalypse and it revolves around coincidence and the number 229.  Then the code elaborated to 2297 over the video version of the film.   Again, see The Seventh Sign. I paid for the air ticket the next day.  Was it really just chance that it happened to be  the eve of the day which was to 22.97 years from the start of my psychical research career. And remember that the original suggestion clue came from the Weekly Telegraph item in the Lux Aeterna PO Box 388. The factors of 388 are 2, 2, 97.  Yes, the signs positively screamed I had to go to Frankfurt.

And that was just the beginning of many significant experiences first in Germany and then in England. As soon as I arrived, the coincidence codes found me a cheap hotel, for 50 euros, two minutes walk from the main station in Frankfurt on the eve of the book fair. “That's impossible” one senior executive of Die Zeit told me. Yet it happened.

The codes are a reality. They are not a figment of my mind. But they really are fragments of an outer mind. And that is the title of the series of books upon which I was working when I went to Frankfurt. I took with me a dozen finished copies of the first book in that series,
The Diagrams Of Truth.

Why was 2297 emphasised so strongly in October 2007? Perhaps it is because year 231 is particularly important in the Apocalypse sequences. It would seem that 2007-8 is just seven years off from the final sequences which bring the End of the World. What is more seven years is 2557 days. And code 557 was the first part of our first detailed prophecy code, a code which gave a precise description of the Lockerbie air disaster then 19 days in the future. What is more that disaster was number one in the sequence of Apocalypse events.

Why should the World’s End be in 2014 or 2015?  The signs which suggested this to me are discussed in Grave Consequences, part 4 of Fragments Of An Outer Mind and in part 5, The Crystal Spheres.

9.11.14 22nd May 2008

22/05/2008 11:11:49 a.m. Finished Dictation


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