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God, Signs and Codes - Signals in Space and Time
Isaac Newton believed there were codes in the Bible, in part because he believed the Bible to be the Word of God. He searched without success for the code. The reason for his lack of success is the fact that the Bible is not the word of God. Parts of it are inspired by God; parts of it are anything but, especially large sections of the Old Testament. No, Newton failed because he was looking in the wrong place. The word of God is to be found in his creation. The Codes of God are written in the real world, in the stars and the planets,  in the earth itself and in the actions of  its inhabitants over millennia.

The Alpha and Omega Codes decipher but a small part of that Code - as much as God has chosen to make clear to just one man and one woman over almost a quarter of a century. There is far too much evidence of coherence to detail it even in a dozen books. Our books summarise the major elements, the main conclusions.  They  present coherent evidence of communication across space and time, and from beyond the grave over three millennia. In addition, there is coherent evidence of design and destiny in the history of England over the past seven centuries.

Too subtle for you is it? That’s just too bad! It is all there is. Einstein once remarked,

‘Subtle is the Lord,
But malicious he is not.’

No, it is man who is malicious, in fact, all too often downright evil in the pursuit or his own ends. The most powerful are almost always the most evil. As the power of a relatively few men increases in the world today, the outlook for the future is worse than bleak. 5.44.35

The signs are all around – Obama or Hilary. Take your pick. . One is 2297, the other 507. The choice is Apocalypse or World’s End. For Americans now, picking a new president is rather like the passengers on the Titanic choosing a new captain, after it hit the iceberg. Whoever they pick, America is still going to sink

 25th April 2008


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