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...but no one dares mention God

 I had only just published No More Earthquakes for Christchurch explaining that now the message of the Second Coming had been conveyed through Christchurch, the focus of the Alpha and Omega codes would shift elsewhere. Almost immediately God proved my words to be true with a vengeance.... or were they His words anyway that had come to me?  After all the Voice had been most insistent that I had to publish that Christchurch web page that particular day.   Within an hour of my  publishing it, a colossal earthquake, magnitude 9.0, struck off North East Japan, producing in turn the devastating tidal wave which killed almost 30,000 people.  That disaster suddenly explained for me all the signs God had chosen to give me so strongly over the course of that week between 7th and 11th March.  They were all the pieces of this latest Cassandra jigsaw puzzle.  And more signs, more pieces came in the week afterwards leaving no doubt at all that this was indeed the Hand of God, the Hammer of God for Japan. This Light Eternal home page update link to this page, to Japan's '3 in 1' disaster was published at 4.01pm 3rd May 2011 .50311  Code 503 - The Diagrams of Truth indeed

Two things struck me about the terrible disaster which has overtaken Japan. One was the truly apocalyptic scenes of destruction, the wave inexorably carrying all before it, tossing large ships as though they were models in a child's bath, carrying cars along as though they were matchsticks going down a gutter in rainstorm. (was that the meaning of the Storm Cloud 5078 sign ?) On this scale, people are like ants, too small to be seen. And left behind after the wave, is a landscape reminiscent of the aftermath of a great war- Armageddon? -a city largely levelled, only the odd stronger building still standing, a battered but visible presence that this was once a scene of human habitation. There are the scenes of darkened skies, rubble everywhere and all around in the distance, the glows of fires. There is another scene of a lake with a few buildings sticking up at crazy angles. Who would have thought it had once been a town?

Not long after the second Christchurch earthquake, I suddenly realised that that it had been just three weeks earlier that I had been at Waikumete cemetery in Auckland on the 80th anniversary of the Napier earthquake. I had gone there with Jan for a memorial service for the wife of one of her Tanzanian friends. At the cemetery gates as we left, the trip mileage on her new car, which I was driving, was 229.7 km, the absolutely precise code for the Apocalypse, as derived from the 1988 film The Seventh Sign. It was a very significant piece of the Cassandra jigsaw which was gradually taking shape for me predicting the apocalyptic scenes to come in Christchurch New Zealand, 19 days later, a place that was chosen by the Source specifically for its name, for a second time, the second more powerful than the first, to convey the message of the Second Coming. But was Waikumete with its thousands of graves also intended as a pointer to the spectre of Japan, 17 days more distant through the mists which men call time? Only 180 people died in Christchurch, 13,000 bodies have been recovered in Japan, with a least a similar number still missing.

The second Christchurch earthquake was the worst earthquake to strike New Zealand since February, 1931. 258 people died in the Napier earthquake, 257 died in the Air New Zealand DC 10 crash on Mount Erebus in 1979. 165 died in New Zealand's worst train crash at Tangiwai on Christmas Eve 1953. Actually it marked the arrival for her first visit of the ‘new’ Queen Elizabeth II to New Zealand.

So the second Christchurch earthquake became number 3 on the list of New Zealand's worst ever disasters in terms of fatalities. But that second earthquake was the worst ever disaster in terms of total damage to homes, business and infrastructure. Various people have come up with monopoly numbers for the cost of repairing the damage and rebuilding the city of Christchurch. The numbers seem to ever rise. $10 billion, $15 billion, $20 billion. But if those numbers are correct, how can the latest American estimate of $47 billion be correct for what has overtaken Japan. The damage to Japan must be 100 fold that in Christchurch, town after town wiped from the map by the oceanic wall of death.

But in the Christchurch earthquake were strange connections to the greater disaster soon to come in Japan. The worst hit building in Christchurch was that of Canterbury Television, known locally as CTV. Its lower floors were occupied by CTV and its upper floors by a health centre and an English-language school. Many of its students were from Japan. Perhaps the aftershocks from the September earthquake which had rattled Christchurch for five months before the Big One of 22nd September, 2011 (odd I meant February- Code 229 ??). made Christchurch feel quite like home for them. After all Japan is the most earthquake prone country in the world, sitting as it does on a junction of tectonic plates. In Japan, earthquakes happen all the time and few people take much notice of them., rather as had become the way in Christchurch, with more than a thousand aftershocks over five months since the first Christchurch earthquake of 4th September 2010, that is until 22nd February, 2011. There were a couple of dozen Japanese victims and it was only because of this that Japan immediately sent in a large search and rescue team to Christchurch to try to rescue someone alive from the CTV rubble or at least recover some bodies for their relatives. It was all dressed up as Japan caring about New Zealand, but really it was just self-interest on the part of the Japanese. And with the large Japanese search and rescue team came a large, and many felt very insensitive, Japanese media presence. But was it all much more intricately connected than the so-called rationalists would like to believe, connected by design on the part of the Source, the Creator of space and time, who knows precisely everything that is going to come? My evidence suggests that this is indeed the case.

Could it all possibly be chance or was it intended to be more evidence of a deeper level of connections within this world, connections that the John Campbells of this world like to mock. Was it all intended to mock the mockers? Was it all intended to be evidence of intelligent design, a pointer to the Big One soon to come for Japan? The cameras often zoomed in on all that was left of the Canterbury television building, the large white plastic panel with its red
CTV lettering that once sat above the entrance door. ‘CTV building’ …..Was this an imperative concerning the future? ‘CTV’ - ‘See TV!!!’ Watch the incredible scenes filmed by Japanese television of buildings being swept away, of a black tide of death crawling inexorably across towns, fields and farmland, carrying all before it… even Hollywood had never come up with images like it in any of their End of the World epics. The incredible pictures which came on television that night, 11th March 2011, showed the ‘power of nature’ laying low the world's third greatest economic power. But would it not be better described as the power of God? For God had certainly given me the signs over the days leading up to that fateful day, that a major event was ‘in the wind’.

Is it all design, intended to warn man that he is wrong, wrong in everything that matters. My comprehensive evidence suggests that it is. Economic growth is not the way to heaven, but the way to hell. The scenes from Japan in the last few days are eerily reminiscent of Vincent Ward's visions of hell in his inspired 1998 film What Dreams May Come.
       To sleep, to sleep perchance to dream
       And in that sleep of death, what dreams may come? ( Shakespeare - Hamlet)
It's a really good film about life after death, but needless to say it wasn't a blockbuster It was far too intellectual for the cerebrally challenged masses, who have no desire to think seriously about death at all.  The males of the species prefer to see death in gruesome gory blasting of the ‘bad guys’ with explosions all around, and the females who prefer it via vampires. Vincent Ward was definitely inspired, both with regard to his vistas of heaven and his visions of hell and also in the problems of communication between the spirits of the dead and those still living in this world. I am particularly aware of that now with regard to Jenny’s spirit and it is rather curious that it was Jenny who hired the video of What Dreams May Come on 16th July 1999, just before I was due to begin my series of lectures in the University of Auckland Continuing Education Department under the title ‘ Is There Life after Death? Ward’s film was only ruined at the end by Hollywood's golden rule. There has to be a happy ending… but there is no happy ending for mankind. Japan is merely a foretaste of what is to come for all.

TV reporter after TV reporter from Japan has been happy to anthropomorphise the natural world. We always got ‘the power of nature’, ‘Mother Nature’, ‘nature’s fury’….. but just as with the Christchurch earthquake not a single person ever mentioned God. They daren’t. It is just not acceptable. Most reporters are atheists anyway and if not atheists they are inevitably born again Christians , saved by their god of love who naturally would have nothing to do with nasty things like earthquakes and tsunamis. Their god of love, more akin to Superman, would have been busy saving people, not giving the signs in advance of a great disaster soon to come. I feel an anger within me when they talk of ‘the power of nature’etc. It is a refusal, an arrogance within modern men and women to recognise the reality of the power that is God, the real God, the Creator of space and time.. My evidence proves this conclusively. There is no other rational explanation. It is not without significance that in this world, in its death throes, where sex is so-freely marketed in every possible way, that the only taboos remaining now are death and God.

(As I edit this my eye is drawn to the computer clock. It shows 4:46 PM on 2nd May 2011. Code 446 means ‘on death there is Judgement for all’. After typing that last sentence, I called up Insert Date and Time. That box came up at 4:47:50. It was only reported on teletext this morning that that the French investigators have just revealed that their latest search of the ocean floor has found the black box from AF flight 447 after almost 2 years. But that crash linked to the film Knowing, the parallel between my life and that of the fictional Professor Koestler, of MIT fame. The latest search has been carried out by the renowned Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, also of Massachusetts. When the IDT came up on this ducument, it was…..2/05/2011 4:48:00 p.m. Code for 448 just happens to be the Alpha and Omega code for the film Knowing… see idmb.com. … more synchronous authentication)

Today's pathetic modern funeral service, is no longer a time to grieve, to mourn the loss of someone who was gone from this world to we know not what or where. It is no longer an opportunity to remember that our own days are numbered, to reflect on our own mortality. No. Now it's only time to celebrate a life that no longer exists. Even in death the denial of death is to be found. Nothing must be allowed to impinge on the self-centred lifestyle of today's weak men and pushy selfish women, who imagine they have a right to everything they want.

And on a larger scale with over 100 deaths in Christchurch it was always the same, ‘the force of nature’, ‘Mother Nature’. The feeble dean of Christchurch after emphatically denying that God caused the earthquakes, claiming that it was ’nature doing what nature does’ went on to claim that God was seen in the love we have for each other. His god seems to match his nature. As for his boss, the high priestess, Victoria Mathews, the North American woman bishop of Christchurch, she vanished into the woodwork, or was it the rubble? But then a priestess would be the last place you would look for God’s inspiration. Garth George in his column in the New Zealand Herald happily spoke of God being the Creator of heaven and earth, but proceeded to aver that God did not cause the earthquake. That concept did not fit with his cosy god of personal salvation, the one who encourages him to drive round in his petrol-guzzling Remuera tractor. Their god of love is a god of man's creation, St Paul’s to be precise. And that fabrication has much to do with why the earthquakes have come and why man has now so little time left.

No, there was no suggestion that it was the power of God that caused the earthquake. That is just not acceptable in the PC, libertarian, mealy-mouthed, deceitful, plastic, women-driven world today ( I actually said whim- driven…but that’s Dragon for you). But quite separate from the Dean and the columnist’s god of love, there is a real God, a Higher Power whose enormity and intelligence we can barely even begin to comprehend. Sometimes my lack of progress in convincing anybody causes me to doubt, but then I remember Jenny and Ankhsoun, both of whom carried on the struggle unto death. Then come more signs to convince me yet again, even in my abject loneliness, that I am right, they were right. People may care little for our research over the past 25 years, but daily God gives me signs showing me that I must carry on. Sometimes the signs are so incredibly strong. It cannot be just all in my mind. God uses my mind as he chose to use Jenny's in a slightly different way. The Voice must be real, because it fits too intricately with the events which later unfold in the world, for it to be otherwise.

God chose to give me the signs of the coming earthquakes, the first one in Christchurch in September 2010, by sending me to Christchurch on 2nd January 2010 to photograph a plane and possibly talk to an Arab. But you may as well talk to a brick wall as tried to talk to the likes of Saif Gaddafi. However, when that first earthquake came on 4th September 2010, suddenly I saw how all the elements of my New Year visit to Christchurch fitted into the overall picture. God gave me different signs, for a new Cassandra jigsaw before the second earthquake in Christchurch on 22nd February 2011. But some of the strongest signs yet about some major event to come began on 7th March and carried on with rising crescendo through the week to the night of 11th March. The last very meaningful coincidence came seven minutes before I put on the television to check teletext and read of a huge earthquake striking Japan. That last sign conveyed the message ‘collapsing pile’.

On 9th March, I realised something ‘big’ was in the wind, some major disaster. When I went for my thyroid blood tests, I puzzled why were these past disaster codes being emphasised so strongly in the Lab Tests car park. Opposite the Lab Tests building was a car with the number plate xx 4460 - a reminder of code 446, the Air New Zealand Perpignan Airbus crash and its associated message of Judgement on death for all. But was this tenfold? And on my right as I crossed the car park to enter the Lab Tests building, I noticed that someone was waiting in a car with an xxx 557 number plate. Was the Lab Tests connection an echo of my former profession, that of analytical chemist, crossing over now to my real field of research, scientific proof of the existence of God?

After having my blood sample taken to be sent for analysis, I walked across to great South Road to buy an NZ Herald. As I crossed the road, another car with a strange number plate passed me, ONE OFF. That must relate to what is to come, I thought. And there had been other pointers of something ‘in the wind’ A strange conjunction of 946 two days earlier and then there had been 507, with its strange link to Christchurch and Air New Zealand and destiny. And just as I'd been shown this sign by helpful travel agent who hailed from Dundee (Death on the Nile 1987), I glanced out of his shop window and saw a car pull up at the Papakura town centre traffic lights.
Design Impact was emblazoned on its side. The car driver then parked outside the opticians which had been ground zero for the vital clue for what was to come…. but that was in a cryptic code that was impossible to work out in advance. It was as though the Almighty was saying ‘Just so that you know that I know’ long before it came to pass.

Design Impact said it all. I had first seen that car when it went past my house a few days after the first Christchurch earthquake, at the very moment that I took Michael Cocks’s book The Stephen Experience out of my post-box. I think I had seen it only once in the interim period, again when it went down the street on another occasion as I came back from my post-box. It was not nature doing what nature does. It was God weaving His very intricate design. But Michael Cocks doesn't want to know. None of it fits with his god of love either. However ignoring evidence does not negate the evidence. It merely means that the ignorant just carry on in their blissful ignorance, until the Day of Judgement comes for them.

But on that Monday afternoon (I glance at my watch. It shows 4:47:36pm Screen photo 4:48:41pm. I must have typed that comment re The Day of Judgement at 4:46pm ) I just found myself wondering why, for no obvious reason at all my glasses frame had suddenly fallen apart whilst I was painting some Tudor style wood framing on the front of the garage. The lens just fell out leaving me able to see clearly through only my left eye, and even that, only if I closed my right eye. The combined image was too confusing for my brain with half clear, half blurred. ‘Bugger!’ was my immediate reaction. Now what the hell is the point of that, I thought. There has always been a reason when strange things happened. I've come to know that over 25 years. When I looked at the frame which had sprung apart I realised that the screw had fallen out. I searched around on the roof in vain to find the missing screw. Then I looked closely again at the frame and realised that the screw had not only fallen out, it had actually sheared off. That seemed to be pointing to some kind of disaster associated with mechanical failure of some critical element. It must have some meaning associated with something that was yet to come.

I couldn't understand how it had happened because I hadn't even been touching my glasses. I had been concentrating on painting a straight line between brown and white. My immediate thought was to go and find a spare pair of glasses and finished the painting. But no, the Voice said ‘Go and get them fixed now!’ I had a vision of the optometrist who had fixed them last time, so I took them into Papakura. The optician suggested exactly what I had thought of doing, cutting a slot across the top of the slightly-protruding sheared-off screw.
“It sometimes works” he said, “depending how much Loctite has been used on it.” 
“ Perhaps it is better not to use Loctite and let the screw keep coming out” I said.
“Rock and a hard place” was his reply, before disappearing out to his workshop. Five minutes later he came back with the repaired glasses. It had worked an average risk daughter full visibility. ( It had worked and I was restored to full visibility- must speak more slowly. Dragon just can't cope with normal speech.)

But did the Source intend to
send me into Papakura because of my eye specically to give me a vital clue regarding what was to come four days later? That jigsaw piece came on 7th March and another came on the very morning of 11th March, when there was a strange ‘black power’ sign here in Papakura, one that I couldn't understand at the time. I only saw where those two jigsaw pieces fitted when the time came to CTV that night of 11th March and I watched the tide of black power sweep across Sendai..........Its a homophone.....same sound... yet  another application of this modern hieroglyphics which God has gradually taught me to read.

Book 4830 15th March 2011 Truly Apocalyptic-but No One Mentions God
15/03/2011 1:42:22 p.m.
Edited v2 15/03/2011 4:33:58 p.m.


You Only Live Twice      midi
But as soon as I read on teletext on the night of 11th March about the big earthquake in Japan and before I realised there was any live TV coverage, a tune had suddenly came into my head, another piece of the Cassandra jigsaw and immediately I understood a whole pile more clues that I had been given, all vital pieces of this latest Cassandra crossword puzzle. The tune which came into my head was the theme song from a James Bond film, You Only Live Twice. play tune That 1967 film is set in Japan. Suddenly I knew that the Japanese earthquake was echoing the key message of the second Christchurch earthquake. The huge Japanese earthquake was also pointing to the Second Coming.

15/03/2011 4:42:04 p.m.

But the emphasis should be on the first two words of that title… YOU ONLY live twice…. because it was a link to Jenny and reference in particular to Ankhsoun….. It had to be
JAPAN… the Chosen One…Jenny’s initial J and Ankhsoun Pa AteN.

It was a few days after watching the scenes of the Japanese Apocalypse that I rang TVNZ to ask what date they had shown the film You Only Live Twice. It had been part of the James Bond season, 8.30pm Saturday nights, New Zealand’s TV1 in the early part of 2010. I’d watched again a number of those early and far better James Bond films, films I remembered from my youth. I remembered that I'd watched You Only Live Twice with Jan, at her house. It had been the only one of the James Bond season of films which I had watched with her. I remembered that I had watched The Spy Who Loved Me alone, although Jan had telephoned me during the programme. The Spy Who Loved Me was set in Egypt. The TVNZ man was very helpful but said he'd have to go and make some enquiries as it was quite a long time ago. About a quarter of an hour later he rang back to tell me that You Only Live Twice had been broadcast on the 17th April 2010 and The Spy Who Loved Me on 10th April. After I put the phone down I thought that couldn’t be right…. but then I realised it was. I remembered I had gone to Jan’s because the 17th April had been the day of Daniel Lado’s memorial service, although Jan claimed not to know where the service was being held.

On the way I had visited Jenny's grave at Purewa Cemetary, the first time I'd been since the 11th November 2009. It seemed an appropriate day to go because although Jenny died on the 14th April 2009, I just felt I wanted to be alone on that day in 2010. What is more, it had been on the 17th April 2009 that Ra had led me to that site where I had to bury Jenny and Ankhsoun. It had been then that I had first seen 'The Queen's Car', which in turn had led me to the obelisk beneath which Jenny is now buried.  From Purewa I had driven to Jan's house at Point Chevalier. And that's how I came to be watching You Only Live Twice at her house that night. At the time, I didn't make any connection to Jenny and Ankhsoun. Of course in the film James Bond gets married to a Japanese girl and Jan was hinting about getting married to me. But by now I had come to realise that Jan was very different from Jenny. I now knew that I couldn't trust a word Jan told me. Another two weeks passed before Ra gave me the sign that Jan would never ‘stand under the rainbow’ ie get to heaven. But then she is a liar and a cheat.  All her chanted Muslim prayers are so much window dressing... just as they are for so many people, Muslim,. Christian, Hindu or Jew or any other shade of religion.

So did I have to watch You Only Live Twice with this code 946 woman? And did it have to be on the one Saturday midway between the first anniversary of Jenny's death on 14th April 2010 and the first anniversary of her burial on 21st April 2010. But it was nearly a year later before I came to understand how it all fitted together. And remember God chose to mark both of those dates with catastrophic events, the Icelandic volcano (AJ)3 (
Eyjafjallajokull) and the Deepwater Horizon oil rig blow-out in the Gulf of Mexico, respectively, the latter a reminder of Chixulub on the Yucatan peninsula, the location of the asteroid which wiped out the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago…..back to the Code 946 event to come for man a little before Easter in 2015….

It had been a couple of weeks later towards the end of April 2010 that I first realised that Ankhsoun had been the Second Coming. Suddenly it all made sense of what had happened on Advent Sunday 2009 and during my visit to Christchurch for New Year 2010. But still I didn't see the connection to that James Bond film two weeks before. It was only after reading of the major earthquake in Japan the night of 11th March 2011 that that theme tune, You Only Live Twice, had come into my mind. And then I knew it was conveying precisely the same message as the second Christchurch earthquake. It was echoing again the theme of the Second Coming….. YOU ONLY Live Twice.

Ankhsoun is the one who is unique in human history, not Jesus. The spirit of Mary Magdalen was sent to me via Jenny in April 1986, just before Chernobyl, to tell us the true story of her life with Christ.  In the process she made it very clear to us that Christ did not rise from the dead, that over time various generations of priests have created a false religion in his name, for their own aggrandisement.  Salvation and forgiveness give priests power. Little changes with time.  Christ had as much contempt for the priests of his time as Akhenaten had 1300 years before him.  The Christian priests turned Christ into a false god, the last thing he intended. It all made Mary very angry, especially the way they all worshipped Christ's mother.  Mary was indeed aware of Christ after his death, but only in the same way that I am sometimes aware of Jenny and Ankhsoun. Perhaps at times Mary could see him in her mind, a luxury I do not enjoy as far as Jenny or Ankhsoun are concerned.  One or two mediums have had visions in my presence that could be Jenny.  Not one has ever even had a hint of Ankhsoun, even the best one, Carolyn, the first one to get Jenny after 30 others had failed abysmally.  But that first time was so intricately tied into 'Knowing' and the crash of the third Airbus Air France 447 which happened on the Queen's Birthday Bank Holiday in New Zealand. 

Yes, the spirits of Jenny and Ankhsoun can link into my mind, but it's only voices, a far cry from the experience I had of Jenny and Ankhsoun together in this world. But at least I can now understand exactly how Mary knew Christ was not dead.  But he was not in this world either.   Whatever the atheists claim, it is not illusion to be aware of the spirits of the dead.  My evidence is very comprehensive.  Theirs is the illusion... that the material world is all there is.

But God chose to take Jenny and Ankhsoun, as part of a complex design which He is slowly revealing to me.  I have just had to accept that this is all the way God has chosen to make it in these latter days for man upon the earth.

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Thanks be to God

Edited v3 2/05/2011 6:16:08 p.m. 2/05/2011 6:42:40 p.m…..18:42:40 (5.59pm on my watch)
Final edit v4 3/05/2011 11:34:09 a.m.

That’s very appropriate 50311 in Yank dating…. 503 the Diagrams of Truth. Today they are all busy celebrating the supposed death of the devil. They are so brain-washed, by their rabidly nationalistic media.  America's real role in the world in these End Times will become clear in God's good time. As I started these final few corrections I noticed the time was 11:11 on the computer as I clicked on the Dragon microphone to change it from red to green. 1111….. Lest we forget…… America has forgotten but God will give them all cause to remember…. To each according to their ways…….

3/05/2011 11:39:42 a.m.

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