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No More Earthquakes for Christchurch

11/03/2011 2:29:41 p.m.   Book4824 - 7th March 2011 - No More Earthquakes for Christchurch

Many people, particularly psychics are predicting more major earthquakes for Christchurch. That is not what my paraphysics research predicts. There had to be two earthquakes in Christchurch. I can now see the pattern and the purpose. The purpose suddenly came to me at 11am on the morning of 1st March 2011, just before I drove into Auckland for the cathedral Service of Solidarity with Christchurch. I realised that the second earthquake was necessary to fulfil the End Times links in Christchurch. Christchurch was chosen for the name Christ church and the two earthquakes, the second more significant than the first, to symbolise the Second Coming. This message has now been given. Now the after shocks will die down in the Christchurch region. The various psychics are wrong. They get their information from the wrong source.

For over a decade now, our websites have warned of the signs of the coming End of the World, signs which God has been giving progressively since November 1988. The latest just happened to be very close to home here in New Zealand, particularly for those who live in and around Christchurch.

My wife, Jenny and I have been led to produce mountains of evidence over almost a quarter of a century proving absolutely unequivocally that there is a Source of Intelligence that knows the future with absolute precision. This Source has chosen to give us information about the future, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. I recently had the idea to call them Cassandra jigsaws, because they're always pointers to doom and disaster, always right but no one has ever believed us.

I was given so many pieces of the latest Cassandra jigsaw puzzle over the weeks and particularly days preceding the second earthquake. But the first clue was given to me when the Voice told me to go to Christchurch on 1st January 2010. I flew down on a Jetstar A320 on the morning of 2nd January. I went to photograph a Libyan plane in a strange black livery with rainbow 999s on its tail. Now I wonder was that intended to be a pointer to an emergency code, the code I grew up with in Britain, 999. Its 111 in NZ. And was it black for another reason? Black is a colour very rarely you must for aircraft, the colour linked to death, or evil for in almost all countries of the world bar one, sport-worshipping All Black New Zealand.

I went also to meet an Anglican priest with whom I had communicated by e-mail for 10 years but never met. Like me he was interested in meaningful coincidences, although he had an irritating preference for the term synchronicity. It's a phrase coined by a psychologist Jung who had no belief in God at all. But Michael Cocks was interested in both meaningful coincidences and also spiritualism, communication from the spirits of the dead. His book The Stephen Experience relates to his experiences during the 1970s, with an English medium, Thomas Ashman linking to an entity which identified itself as St Stephen, the first Christian martyr.

I had thought it a curious coincidence that the first major sign of the forthcoming Apocalypse was the Boxing Day tidal wave of 2004, which originated with a massive Riccarton 9.1 earthquake (strange coincidence that - Dragon 10’s interpretation - what I said was Richter 9.1- Riccarton is a suburb of Christchurch) in Sumatra. Boxing Day, 26th December, is the feast of St Stephen. The first major earthquake struck Christchurch on 4th September 2010 and one of the worst aftershocks struck on 26th December 2010. It caused shoppers to flee in panic from the Boxing Day sales, apparently the most profitable day of the year for shops. The Boxing Day sales were ‘restaged’ on 12th February 2011, apparently with great success. But in a strange quirk of timing, just 10 days later came the second and far more devastating earthquake of 22nd February.

I had been given so many pieces of the Cassandra jigsaw puzzle for the first Christchurch earthquake before and during the immediate aftermath of that disaster. But there were more and very different pieces before the second earthquake. Make no mistake, this is another sign of the coming End of the World. I will publish more details when I manage to get my work typed. In the meantime read all about the events of 2010 and all the earlier End Times signs on the many other pages of our comprehensive series of websites.

Whatever John Campbell ('star' of TV3's Campbell Live, what passes for a nightly current affairs programme in New Zealand)  prefers to believe, in his materialistic agnostic ignorance, there are some things in this world which science cannot satisfactorily explain, some facets of human experience over millennia. I know that because I am a scientist. I have a doctorate in chemical physics as well as a 1st from Oxford in chemistry, ( from a time before even Oxford devalued 1sts to get the right percentages in each grade) as well as very many experiences which cannot be explained on the basis of the laws of space and time which govern chemistry and physics. It is through these experiences over 25 years that I have been able to develop the new science of paraphysics. I have used related, but intangible real phenomena notably, inspiration, meaningful coincidence, and communication from the spirits of the dead to produce a coherent and highly intricate theory concerning the interactions between our world and another dimension which lies beyond space and time. My being led to develop this science has caused me to be able to draw conclusions concerning things about which conventional science can tell us nothing.

The sort of questions I have been able to answer are:
Is there life after death?
What happens when we die?
Can the dead communicate with the living?
Is there a destiny?
Does God exist?
Is the world about to end?

I have definitive answers to all these questions, answers which come from a remarkable series of experiments which I had been led to conduct over the past 25 years. I say led because I know that I do not control this experiment. It is as though I have carried out the experiment like some kind of lab assistant. I have carried out the experiment and written down and recorded as well as I could all the details. And I have also been led to draw conclusions sometimes very powerful and very controversial conclusions, which impinge on every religion on this planet as well as all the ever so vocal atheists say there's nothing but this nasty, greedy, materialist world in which we all had have to live in today. John Campbell and Richard Dawkins seem to seriously believe that they represent the highest form of intelligence in the Universe. The Cassandra puzzles prove unequivocally that they are completely wrong. There are far, far higher source of intelligence.

Christchurch was chosen in 2010 and 2011, just as was Sumatra on Boxing Day 2004, just as was Pan Am 103 in December 1988, just as were the Twin Towers on 9-11 in 2001, just as was the space shuttle Columbia in 2003, just as was the planet Jupiter on 16th July 1994, and just as were flight US 1549 in January, 2009 and Air France flight 447 in May 2009. But the Christchurch earthquake phenomenon is now over. The message has been given. Now the focus of the Alpha and Omega codes will shift elsewhere.

It's not chance. It's all design and very intricate design at that, but its also a warning to all of those that are left. And, if there is a design, there must be a designer and the most likely candidate for such a designer is God. For what else can we conceive of that lies beyond space and time. What else could give signs of the future nine years in advance, or as I can now see in connection with the Christchurch earthquake, over 15 years in advance. Over the last week have come to realise that the first pieces of the Cassandra jigsaw for the second earthquake came within a few months our arriving in New Zealand in 1995. But there is more. God is indicating that he is not just a Source of Intelligence that knows the future in precise detail, that orchestrates events and/or our actions as required. The message, particularly of the Airbus disasters, all of which had comprehensive Cassandra jigsaw pieces beforehand, was that, at the time of His choosing, we will all be answerable to him for all of our actions in this life.

Yes people died in Christchurch. Some will say it evil for me to speak as I do, those with the standard issue, PC, culturally sensitive, rose coloured spectacles so common in New Zealand. But I can talk about death because I know, personally, only too well all about death. No one has suffered more than me from God's choices in who to take. He gave Jenny to me in February 1986 and she became my second wife. Over 23 years she proved a far better choice than my own choice had been when I married Margaret in 1973 in England. Over 23 years, Jenny and I came to understand so much together. She was my wife, lover, and business partner, a medium, typist, helper, source of inspiration and housekeeper but above all my only true friend, the only person in this world I've ever been able to trust, who didn't in time betray me, one way or another.

And God chose to take her back on our 19th wedding anniversary, 14th April 2009, leaving me utterly alone, at least in this world. At times I almost felt betrayed by God. But in my tears, in my abject misery, I was aware of the voices, God's voice, Jenny's voice from beyond the grave and also Ankhsoun's voice. I knew in my heart that Jenny's death was a key part of the proof of the work which we had both been doing together for the previous 23 years. I had had a sneaking suspicion for the previous six months, but neither of us wanted to face the fact that Jenny was about to die. Jenny had battled cancer bravely for 8 years and not that ‘Kylie Minogue bravely’ either doing exactly what the doctors told her, surrounded by all the caring friends and family. Jenny didn't trust the New Zealand doctors because they had let her down too often in the past , but most of her family and friends thought she should do what the doctors told her. However, Jenny knew things in her heart and we were both separately given signs about what to do. The doctors seemed amazed that Jenny survived for eight and a half years, doing ‘nothing’ as they termed it. But she didn't do nothing, she did lots of things, the way she was guided by God. The details are in her book, Cancer - Jenny's Odyssey.

And even almost to the end, the Voice was quite equivocal as to what would happen with Jenny in the hospice. Would there be a miracle at Easter? We both wondered. But after Jenny died I realised that they couldn't have been a miracle at Easter in 2009, because there wasn't one that first Easter in 33AD either. That was what the spirit of Mary Magdalen had been sent to tell us just after Easter in 1986. God gave me the final signs that Jenny was about to die in a rainbow that came with the dawn on Easter Saturday, 10th April. But over the weeks and months that followed what I knew about God's purpose did little to help me cope with the loneliness, the hole in my life when Jenny had been.

Jenny's death and her funeral have been linked to so many events in the time since, the 3rd and 4th Airbus crashes in May in June 2009, the Iceland volcano in April 2010 and the BP oilrig disaster of April 2010. Then Jenny's death featured very prominently in the elements of the Cassandra jigsaw I was given before the first Christchurch earthquake during that visit to Christchurch in January 2010 and also, in recent weeks, in the pieces for the second earthquake.

There was no great fanfare around Jenny's death. Almost nobody noticed, or really cared. Only one person has spoken to me about Jenny in the almost two years that have passed since she died. The media are just sensationalists. The New Zealand Herald has taken to writing detailed accounts of the lives of all the people who died in the second Christchurch earthquake. Somehow they are worthy of column inches merely because they died dramatically. The problem is that the Herald is running out of things to write about in the aftermath of the earthquake. But the media don't want to see the deeper messages in these events, too spooky. John Campbell gets angry with the paranormal, because his cosy lack-of-belief system feels threatened, especially when other people begin to wonder about theories such as those of Ken Ring. Campbell hides behind ‘No other scientists believe these things’ in his vicious attack on Ken Ring’s ‘odious prediction’ of a second major earthquake for Christchurch. Note the subtle way that Campbell is aligning himself with the scientists to try to give himself more credibility. Scientists are generally considered to be rather more trustworthy than our journalists and rightly so.

John Campbell can scoff as much as he pleases. He is merely an ignorant media thug, an untuous bully with far too much power and far too little understanding of the deeper things of this life but  particularly the next.

Just after the Perpignan Airbus crash, one newspaper editor said to me when I went to talk to him about all the strange coincidences that had predicted the disaster “ What you say is very interesting but I wouldn't dare print it. They haven’t even found the bodies” And that's the problem. The result is all this censorship, all this supposed respect for the dead. It's funny how the words ‘death’ and ‘dead’ were avoided by almost everyone in the days after the Christchurch earthquake. The police were amongst the worst, seeming incapable of referring to anything but deceased. ‘Bodies’ was another no-no word. Ordinary people spoke of ‘passing away’ or ‘not making it’. Died was too hard a word, too final. But that is what death is – final…Our society is terrified of death and even more terrified of God, a word that didn't appear at all in any of the coverage. It was perhaps significant that early on in ‘Live coverage’ of the media briefing a couple of days ago, Bob Parker, the Mayor of Christchurch, announced that the Dean of the Christchurch Cathedral would address the media briefing at its end. Both TV 1 and TV 3 cut their live coverage just before the Dean’s turn to speak. That spoke volumes for the place of religion in New Zealand society. One channel cut to basketball coverage, the other to a coiffed talking head.

You can do nothing for the dead. Funeral services are to come for the living (??? I said comfort) and now it's the modern trend for funerals not even to be occasions of mourning, but to be times of celebration, still in denial of the reality of death. No, you can do nothing for the dead for they have gone to God's Judgement. But if no one warns the living, no one will understand the deeper purpose behind all these events and then the dead will have all died in vain. If you look to priests for truth you will look in vain. They promise forgiveness and salvation, just as reliably as did the priests of Amun in the time of Akhenaten, 33 centuries ago. No - priests don't change. They miss-led in the time of Akhenaten and they mislead today, but then so does every so-called holy man of every religion on Earth.

The second Christchurch earthquake, just like the first, is not a random act of nature. Peter Beck is the usual pleasant but weak, apologetic priest, the only kind can you find in today's Anglican Church, apart from the pushy priestesses. Beck’s words were the frontispiece to the Auckland Cathedral Solidarity with Christchurch service sheet, the one marking the two-minute silence, 7 days after the earthquake. His words were: 'It's not an act of God. It's just the earth doing what it does. The act of God is how we love each other, how we reach out to one another.'

Beck is wrong. That is a false god, the creation of priests, nothing supernatural thank you... We must be careful not to offend the likes of John Campbell, or anybody else for that matter.   Its all about 'inclusivity and cultural sensitivity.....  Beck's teaching is pure humanism, caring for one another..... helping the afflicted..... It has little to do with God. He chooses to see God in the rescuers, but does he also see God in the looters? And if not in one, why in the other? The fact is that rescuers, and looters represent aspects of humanity, not aspects of God. But where is the great high priestess in all of this? The woman bishop of Christchurch, Victoria Matthews who has been remarkably silent.

And what about the entrepreneurs who ' identified an opportunity '? Its what entrepreneurs do when the earth does what it does....It's all about supply and demand, market forces, the Prime Minister, John Key's spiritual belief system. The commercial landlords in Christchurch have increased prices for their undamaged commercial properties by up to 150% in the two weeks since the earthquake, and they are insisting on very long leases. This is the acceptable face of looting in accord with the Prime Minister's own personal philosophy and that of the National Party.

Its all market forces- free enterprise- that is what is allowed to control our lives.  There is no moral sanction in any of this... Its the pure unadulterated the Gospel of Greed -  a key element of the End Times Codes. It was not chance that our first ever Cassandra jigsaw was the sinking of the Herald of Free Enterprise car ferry in Zeebrugge Harbour on 6th March 1986. It was Britain's worst peacetime maritime disaster since the Titanic sank in 1912. 193 people died over the course of a few minutes that evening. The death toll will probably exceed that of the Christchurch earthquake. The police have 166 ‘deceased’. There is a mystery 40+ unaccounted for now that most of the rubble has been cleared, and the foreign rescuers heading home. The police expected the death toll to exceed 200. But then 20 bodies expected in the cathedral ruins vanished miraculously. Confusion reigns.

But there was no confusion over that disaster. I was given just one piece of the jigsaw, a train-spotting clue, a couple of hours before that ferry sank, overlaid very strongly with the theme of destiny, long before we came to understand these things. But that piece served to identify the owners of the ferry. Later I came to see that another piece was clearly marked 666, another train-spotting clue, again redolent of destiny. Consider the name the Herald of Free Enterprise, the cross-channel ferry which sank within the harbour itself. A Herald brings tidings. Free enterprise brings instability, disaster and death. Yes, free enterprise is a key element in why the world will soon be destroyed at the hand of its Creator. And 666 was linked in the Codes directly to the Goddess of Greed herself, Margaret Thatcher.

Brian Cocksey
7/03/2011 2:33:07 p.m.
Rev 1 9/03/2011 1:38:06 p.m.
Rev 2 11/03/2011 1:55:02 p.m.
Rev 3 11/03/2011 2:24:46 p.m.

PS William and Kate
Rather curiously, woven intricately around both of the two recent New Zealand disasters i.e. the Pike River mine disaster and the second Christchurch earthquake, has been the message that Prince William has chosen unwisely. Kate Middleton is the wrong woman to make his Queen. The first message came from the spirit of Princess Diana on the night of 19th November 2010, just after the first Pike River mine explosion. Further confirmation came on 9th March, the date it was announced that William would come to show solidarity with New Zealand by attending the memorial service in Hagley Park, Christchurch on 18th March, a day with very strong destiny and End Times connections to link for me personally. He will also visit Greymouth to pay his respects over Pike River.

No, neither the Cassandra Jigsaws nor the Webs of Destiny are a fiction of my mind. They are the way the Source of Intelligence has chosen to make known the lack of future for mankind. Take it or leave it. The pieces of the Cassandra puzzle for the second Christchurch earthquake which were shown to me on 19th February, 2011 also fitted the much more comprehensive puzzle for the End of the World. There are just four years left. The Mayans are wrong, or at least their New-Age devotees. The End will come not on the anniversary of the Lockerbie air disaster in 2012, but a little before Easter in 2015.

PPS. A Final confirmation:
I went to reprint page 5 of this after adding a section about the Herald of free enterprise. As I sent it to the printer I noticed that the time on the computer was 2:29 PM, the code for the Apocalypse. I went to insert date and time, but there was no sign of it here at the end stop I realised when I went back to the beginning that the date and time had been added before the title. 12 29 41 on the 11th of March, 2011. It was 22941 for Pike River but 22942 for the 2nd Christchurch earthquake.


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