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 A Tale of Two Daniels

  Prophecy, Purpose and Pike River


 Brian Cocksey

 25th November 2010

  1.  Truth in Disaster
The majority of people have the emotional age of children. That is clearly the view of the authorities and it may well be true. The West Coast mine disaster has put it all into crystal clear perspective. From almost the very start, certainly from when the two survivors emerged, the mining experts knew that there wasn't a hope in hell for the men trapped in the mine. The fact that that first explosion created a blast which lasted 52 seconds 2.5 km from its epicentre spoke volumes, as did the initial suppression of the video evidence.

The 29 men had been at the seat of the explosion. It was their working that somehow had led to an unlikely impact. Something caused the spark which became the ignition source in the explosive mixture of methane and air in which the men were working. It had to be unlikely because the blast hadn’t happened before, despite the potentially dangerous conditions.  Or was it just another unfortunate train of events, the type that lead to most major disasters?.  Apparently it was widely known that the methane gas levels in the mine were much higher than anyone had originally expected. It is now reported that many thought a disaster was inevitable in time. But then the wisdom of hindsight is easy.   The question is were they all unknowingly dicing with death all along?

Now the NZ police say they have to be ‘100% safe’ before anyone can go into the mine in a rescue attempt. They claim to be still in rescue mode, but it's just a facade. When I first read of the police attitude, I was reminded of the cowardly police at Manurewa, not that long ago.  It is all protocols and procedures.  The police not only refused to go to the assistance of a shop-keeper who had been shot in a liquor store robbery,  but they also refused to let the ambulance crew go in either. Various people told them the gunmen had fled, but there was no proof. They had to be 100% sure. The man was dead before the paramedics were allowed in.

At first when I read of Pike River, I wondered if it was a repeat of the brave blue line at Manurewa. But I've come to see that this time the police are not being cowardly, just dishonest. They know there is not a hope in hell anyone is alive in that mine but they dare not say it for fear of upsetting people. The relatives have to be allowed to come to terms with the possibility of death gradually.

The first person I read about who was quoted as saying he believed the 29 miners were all already dead, was pictured standing beside an obelisk, the memorial to the West Coast mining disaster of 1896. I thought how curious it is that that is the symbol for Ra, the oldest God in human history, from the banks of the Nile, over 4000 years ago. Of course this was not realised by those who erected it, any more than it is recognised by the people who erected the many obelisk war memorials that dot New Zealand. The architects chose obelisks because they are supposedly ‘non-religious’. The obelisk is not Christian, nor is it Jewish and it doesn't offend the atheists either.  It doesn't even offend Muslims but that didn't matter much in New Zealand until recent times. What an irony, especially given the fact that Dan Brown's latest ‘symbologist’ bestseller, The Lost Symbol,  revolves around an obelisk, the Washington Monument,  and the hieroglyph for Ra …is the lost symbol….. How little people really understand. 

Back to false hope …When much larger numbers of people are lost in air disasters, sometimes the authorities try to play a hope game for a little while. “It's feared there are no survivors ...” This was Air France 447 lost in mid Atlantic in June 2009.  It was obvious from the very beginning there couldn't be any survivors, especially as they couldn't even find the plane, lost in the Oceanz depths. With the Tripoli and Islamabad Airbus crashes there was less room for official hopefulness. The scattered aircraft wreckage was only too visible. One boy survived in Tripoli, no one in Islamabad.  

Now on the west coast of New Zealand we have the ‘hoping for a miracle’ and ‘being 100% sure it’s safe’. The police would have got more respect if they had told the truth. There is almost no chance that anyone has survived. First there was the blast, 1200- 1500°C in a confined space, a combustion process that would have used up all the oxygen near the centre of the blast. Incomplete combustion would have given high concentrations of carbon monoxide in areas further from the core of the explosion. So even if anybody had survived the initial blast, possibly shielded by rock, for instance, they would not long survive the residual carbon monoxide. 

The mine is a death trap. We know methane levels are very high now that the ventilation system has been destroyed. The police should have just told the truth “We cannot risk more lives by sending men in just to recover bodies. We do not know the conditions in the mine, but we're fairly sure they are bad.” Harshly it may be, but better honesty than crap about 100% safety. At least the Anglican priest did give a hint about the possibility of deaths. They all pray for a miracle. It's the only time most people ever think of God, when there are no alternatives. Technology has failed. We'll just have to try God.  When suddenly the possibility of death looms large, it's over to God. Don't they say that you never find an atheist on the battlefield?

   2.   Official Hypocrisy
And the biggest hypocrite of all is the atheist Jew Prime Minister. In the New Zealand Herald for 22nd November, he is reported as saying “I just pray to God that they are alive. We just pray that they have secured an oxygen source.” Praying to God … That really is rich for an atheist Prime Minister.  Has John Key ever mentioned God since the day he was elected?  I don’t think God fits his market forces mantra.  So why bring God in now? Is it because Key has run out of alternatives and it is now a good look to turn to prayer?   This is the man who chose to affirm his Oath of office when he became Prime Minister in 2008. There was no swearing his Oath of Allegiance to his Sovereign on whatever holy book he holds sacred. It certainly isn't the Bible and it doesn't seem as though it's the Torah.  Perhaps it's the Money Traders’ Handbook but to swear the Oath on that would have looked bad. Better follow in St Helen's footsteps and almost all the rest of her Cabinet and merely affirm the Oath. The swearing in of both the Key and Clarke Cabinets was an accurate indication of how Godlesszone, the New Zealand of today, is led by godless men and women.

   3.   Signs and Codes
Incidentally, the Christchurch earthquake, where Key was very quickly on the scene, showing his caring side, was woven through by signs that it was God's warning for New Zealand in these End Times. Funny there was a gas explosion in Worcester Street just when Key appeared.  It's curious how that Hammer of God for New Zealand came 666 days after Obama was elected president of the United States, 662 days after Key’s election. And Key is cosying up far more to Obama and the rest of the Yanks than his predecessors have done for decades. Hillary Clinton came on 4th November, a significant date….steps to the tomb, all right. The messages in the Christchurch earthquake are discussed elsewhere.[1] The many strange coincidences provide such clear evidence of destiny, intelligent design and the coming End of the World. At least in the Christchurch earthquake, no one died. There was just extensive damage to property, just more hands in the government's pockets, but then John Key had been so keen only days earlier to throw money at South Canterbury Finance. Clearly some important people needed to be protected, New Zealand style.

I really puzzled about the West Coast mine disaster. It's the worst New Zealand accident since my first arrival here in 1994. There had to be something important about this disaster, some deep and significant message.  The signs are all around that we live in the End Times for mankind upon this earth, so there had to be some connections at Pike River.  Code 946, Hammer of God, had been so prominent in the weeks before the Christchurch earthquake.  Code 946 had already had two alternative representations over the past four years. The second had given the truth about 9-11 and the fall of the Twin Towers. Now came the third. I realised that when I read that one eyewitness described the results of the earthquake  “as if the city had been struck by a giant hammer”. It had been ……   The Hammer of God. Thats exactly what the Alpha and Omega codes had warned of so strongli in mid-August 2010.

The earthquake came on a fault line which had not moved 16,000 years when it  did move,  it was on precisely the correct day.  How is that for precision? - one day in 16,000 years, the hand of God? I had visited Christchurch quite recently in January 2010, for the first time in 15 years.   My only other visit had been in April 1995, during the weekend of the Cave Creek disaster.  That had been in the same range of mountains as the Pike River mine.

The Voice had been quite definitive on the 1st January 2010. I had to go to Christchurch. So I flew down on the 2nd and returned on the 4th. Incidentally, I stayed with an Anglican priest who was interested in spiritualism and meaningful coincidence, a man with whom I communicated for nine years but never met. It was as though it had all been planned, but not by me. After the earthquake happened, I was able to see how all the many strange signs and coincidences during that visit fitted together, prophecy, destiny, incredibly precise design and the signs of the End of the World. But above all, there was an emphasis on God's Justice, very different from mans’. 

But I still I struggled to see the connections with the West Coast mine disaster. Then suddenly as I write this article, I had a flash of revelation.  Suddenly it all became crystal clear. 


 4.   Actors on a Stage - Destiny, Jan and the first Daniel
The seven days before the mining disaster had seen the climax of my experiences over the previous eleven months, the coming together of so many elements of my research stop. The signs and numbers had proved conclusively that I could not trust Jan, an African woman, from Tanzania, who claimed to be half Egyptian. She considered truth to be her flexible friend. I had come to see that she lied as naturally as breathing. She used me for a while to get money under false pretences, but it's now clear that it was God's will that she should use me because at the same time He was using her. The feeling of our being actors on a stage became ever stronger.  She proved her soul was worth little more the price of an air ticket to Tanzania, some travelling expenses and a camera. It's not much of a bargain as far as I can see.  I think of it as her fee as an actress, because Jan was very much the actress

Nonetheless, unbeknown to her, she proved to me that on several occasions she was doing exactly what God wanted, even though most of the rest of the time she was doing exactly what she wanted. It wasn’t when she was fleecing me, but when she did various other things which she didn't really even understand. But I did.  She was always associated with code 946 from the very beginning on 18th December 2009. And in her I can see a personification of much of mankind. Jan will do anything to get what she wants. And that is why the final Hammer of God is going to come for all mankind in less than five years time.   I can see clearly now that God uses us according to His purposes but according to our natures. He does not cause us to do things against our natures.  After all we are judged according to what we have done in our lives.

One of Jan’s most important functions was for her to lead me to another ‘key’ player in the drama, an Egyptian woman, born in Aswan. I'll call her Jasmine, as the newspapers never named her after her son Daniel Lado was drowned off Piha, the West Auckland beach, on Palm Sunday, 2010. Daniel's death echoed Jenny's death almost exactly a year earlier. In both cases there was no miracle at Easter, as if purposely reiterating the message that there was no miracle the first Easter either, exactly as the spirit of Mary Magdalen had been sent to tell Jenny and me way back in April 1986.

Daniel's death provided powerful evidence of destiny just has had Princess Diana's death in 1997. Daniel's death was a significant element in my proof that we live in the Latter Days and that God measures our span with uncanny precision.  Between December 2009 and November 2010 I had many curious experiences with Jan.  She was a Muslim woman who could spout prayers ad nauseam whilst lying through her teeth.  It was all rasul Mohammed…. Ibrahim…. La illa li Allah…It wasn't an entirely new experience of the Muslim world. I'd seen it too often in Egypt, but there it was always men playing the hypocrite. The women were kept away from shops and foreigners. White visitors, called ‘Europe people’ by some Egyptians, were rich and just waiting to be separated from their money. I visited Egypt 6 times between 1986 and 1993. I was interested in Ancient Egypt but very disappointed by the modern Egyptians.  I don’t know how many times I came back from Egypt sainted Jenny “Somehow I doubt there's a word for truth in Arabic. The concept appears alien to them”. They would say anything to get you to buy what they were selling. The price was always flexible. They would start with a large multiple of what they really wanted. There was no concept of fairness, only trickery. It was exactly what my father and his mates had found with the 8th Army in Cairo in 1940. It's funny I grew up in Manchester in the 1950s with the phrase ‘thieving Arab’.  Some things don't seem to change.

Over the months I was shown time and time again that Jan lied. But time and time again God used her for His purposes, to provide me with evidence for my research, to convey messages to me on different topics. After all, prior to Jan, I had had little direct experience of congenital liars.  Doubtless, she was all part of my general education. Time and again I tried to help her, but always the cheat let me down. She was such clear proof that forgiveness is a waste of time. Forgive someone and they just do it again. But then that's what she believes about Allah, the conveniently all-merciful who forgives everything again and again and again.  It appears to be the Muslim version of the Roman Catholic confessional. “ Go forth and sin no more” - but there are always back the next Sunday.

However, it was only because of Jan ringing me on the 27th August [2] to tell me about Daniel's inquest, that I found out the inquest had taken place . There was never any report of Daniel's inquest in the New Zealand Herald. So on 27th August, I requested the inquest findings from the Clerk to the Coroners court. The judge's findings arrived in my letter box on Saturday 4th September, the very day the Judge's findings were made known in Christchurch, New Zealand, the Godless land where the voice of God is silent.  Incidentally the coroner for Daniel's inquest was Neil McLean, New Zealand’s Chief Coroner who is now to officiate at the Pike River mine disaster inquest. 

  5.   Truth and Omens
Is it just chance that the End Times sequences of my relationship with Jan began on the 12th November. She visited me a couple of times in October and then on 1st November. I didn't particularly want her to come. I had had more than enough of her lies. Yet on 5th October she brought the full report on Daniel's inquest and on the 12th November she was caused to bring a book to show me. It was a memorial book made for Daniel by children at his school. She actually said to me “It's important for your work”.  And it was, much more so than either she or I realised at the time.  The irony is that the motto of the school is Veritas, which those few of us left who know any Latin will realise means Truth.  Unfortunately the book does not show the motto but it is hanging on the wall at Jasmine's home. It struck me that it would have been nice to have had the motto embossed on the book cover . Truth is particularly ironic given that, within six hours, Jan gave me two different reasons why she had come to visit me that day. There were two different versions of how she'd acquired the book at two different times, one version on the 11th November and the other on the 12th. And both contradicted how she told me she'd acquired the book a couple of weeks earlier. It is especially ironic given that truth is all that is left on death. All the lies, all the compromises, all the shades of grey, fall away…Grey mouth  John Key???  All that is left is truth on God's final Judgement, the final accounting for each and every one of us.

I copied the coloured memorial book in black-and-white on my photo copier. But there was a strange sign of death as I walked down to the other building to make the photocopy. There was a loud noise and I saw a bird flapping at the window trying to get out. Apparently the Maoris say that a bird in the house is a sign of death. The bird was clawing at the window above the bench where I do my bookbinding, trying to get out. The poor thrush was unable to comprehend the nature of glass, why it could see the sky but not reach it.  Immediately I saw it as a link to Daniel, as I had his memorial book in my hand. In a way the glass symbolise the veil of death. A bird symbolises the human spirit. The Egyptians portrayed the soul as a human-headed bird leaving the body on death. We still do not have any better representation. Only birds can fly, soar to the heavens and the only distinctive element of a person is the face.  It is  the only part we can recognise with certainty. So a human headed bird is really a very good symbol of a spirit. The Christian artists instead gave people wings thus creating angels. It is just another representation.

But now I see that sign of death as referring not only back to Daniel and his death just before Easter but also forward to death on the West Coast, five days hence. What caused Jan to come that day? If only she had told me the truth, I could have drawn a reliable conclusion.  As it is I can only conclude that God even uses liars and cheats when it suits His purposes. Anyway, 12th November was definitely the appointed day. I realised that a few days later when the idea came to me to calculate the time interval between Daniel's death and Jan bringing his memorial book. It was precisely 229 days and in the Alpha and Omega codes, the number 229 is the code for the Apocalypse, the End of the World as described in the book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible.  Our derivation of code 229 came in November 1988, via an inspired Hollywood film The Seventh Sign. It is a film which uses passages from both the New Testament Book of Revelation and the Old Testament Book of Joel as well as a coincidence involving the number 229.  Then on the 13th , 14th ,16th ,17th and 18th November, came more powerful proof that I could trust the signs and that there is a Source of Intelligence that not only knows the future in detail, but is choosing to orchestrate it.  The recurring theme is very much The End of the World

   6.   A Second Daniel
 I puzzled about the Pike River disaster. With all the significant disasters in the past I had been given pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in advance, Lockerbie, 911, Columbia, the Boxing Day tidal wave, Katrina, the English floods, and most recently six Airbus crashes, as well as the Christchurch earthquake.  One of the first things I'd noticed about the mine disaster when I came to read the accounts in the NZ Herald was that the survivor was a loader driver by the name of Daniel. That seemed really strange. It was in the edition number 44740 [3] of the 22nd November, that the whole front page, labelled ‘Exclusive’, was devoted to the account by Daniel Rockhouse, telling how he had managed to escape from the mine. It completely contradicted accounts which had appeared the previous day in the Herald on Sunday and the Sunday Star Times, which had him escaping up a ventilation shaft in the company of an electrician, who had been sent to investigate a power cut. Perhaps it is significant that it was on page 3 of that same edition of the NZ Herald that there was the report of John Key’s religious con version, his sudden belief in the power of prayer. [4]

On thinking back to Daniel Lado, it was as though one Daniel had been chosen for death and another Daniel had been chosen for life. Were the two meant to be connected in the webs of space and time? Daniel Rockhouse, on his way out of the mine, had managed to rescue a colleague, Russell Smith, who had been driving another loader .  Russell talked about having been saved because he ‘missed the bus’.  Apparently the bus came an hour early on a Friday and he'd forgotten that.  So he had had to take his car into work, arriving late for the shift. That's why Russell was ‘The  Last Man…into the mine…. Was this intended to be a postscript to our ’Signs On Buses‘ saga, the definitive proof that God is a real. [5]

But there was more in the second Daniel’s account of his experience in the Pike River mine. There was a strange connection to Jenny.  Daniel spoke of being overcome by carbon monoxide, slowly poisoned. He only survived because he managed to get to a compressed air supply. I immediately thought of Pete, Jenny's brother who died in Portugal in 1979 whilst having a shower in a holiday flat.  The badly-maintained gas water heater, had an inadequate air supply. Pete died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

   7.       From Oceanz Farthest Coast
In December 2008, there had been many strange coincidences around Oceanz, a fish and chip shop on Ti Rakau Drive at Botany in East Auckland.  For years we had bought their snapper and chips whenever we visited Jenny's GP in Howick.  Oceanz was the best fish and chip shop we'ld found in Auckland, as good as the best English fish and chip shops.  When we visited Jenny's GP on 27th November, 2008 we had been given signs of the Air New Zealand Airbus disaster to come in Perpignan some 14 hours later. What is more is that the Air New Zealand pilot who was in the jump seat on the Airbus when it crashed came from Howick. What surprised us was the fact that his memorial service was held at Saint Columba's Church, Botany, just across the road from Oceanz.  On several visits to Oceanz around that time, there were strange coincidences involving planes and car numbers.[5a]

And now there was a code repeat with Pike River.  At 1.45pm, when  I had arrived at the Oceanz fish and chip shop, I noticed a car with the number plate DEC 18 parked outside.   I didn't think much of it, when I first saw it.  It was only as I sat waiting for my fish and chips to be cooked, that I suddenly realised that December 18th  had two significant connotations .  It was the day I had first met Jan in 2009 and on the same day a special edition DVD of the 1932 film The Mummy had arrived in the post, my first ever Trade Me purchase.  Incidentally, that film had also been a significant element in the Christchurch coincidences of January 2010.

When I noticed how many shots were left on the memory card on the camera, I realised there had been 946 left when I had photographed DEC 18.   It was a strange link back to Jan who had led me to meet Jasmine and so be involved with the death of Daniel Lado.  And now on the 19th November in two hours time would come the explosion that was to kill 29 , but the second Daniel was to be saved, marked out, chosen for life. Can it really all be chance?  Or do I see the clues in a four dimensional crossword puzzle in space and time, clues put there by God, ingeniously woven into the Web that he has created. 

  8.   Finding the Key
Last night, 24th November, as I tried to get to sleep, I kept thinking of things to do with the Pike River blast.  The Christchurch earthquake had come on a fault line unknown for at least 16,000 years.  Yet it had come on precisely the correct day, as God intended. In my Christchurch trip of January 2010, there had been so many strange links to Jenny's death. I couldn't understand why at the time. Was I supposed to move to Christchurch I wondered? Mind, I’d never particularly liked Christchurch as the city. It is too American with all its right angled streets.  But when the earthquake came I understood exactly what the purpose of the links had been to Jenny's death. The earthquake came came precisely 508 days after God chose to take Jenny back to Him. It was very precise. The number in the Alpha and Omega codes for World's End is 507.  It has been since 1985. The earthquake came on the 508th day because it is too late for man.  Man has been warned by God, again and again, over at least ten millennia, through various messengers,  but  on every occasion, mankind failed to heed.

So, what this time interval also significant? How long was it, I wondered, from Jenny's death to the Pike River mine explosion?  I knew that it had been 557 days to 23rd  October, the day I had begun to read The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. That is the third and latest of his ‘Symbologist’ novels and in it there is much more proof of inspiration and external design. [6] It is as though Dan Brown is another member of the cast in the play. The writer, Dan Brown is writing his novel, but he in turn, is just another character in the grander play which has God as the script writer - brackets within brackets within brackets, to use a mathematical analogy. It is as though Brown was given a dozen pieces of the jigsaw which he then wove into that third novel. Yet I had had the same dozen pieces, the very same dozen pieces, woven into my real life over a quarter of a century and it all comes back to Ra. I had come to first look at The Lost Symbol on what seemed to be very much to be an ‘appointed day’, 17th October 2010.  Again it was a train of events which began with Jan, or at least one of her clients,  a tarot card reader who called herself Juli.  Did it all come together on 17th October 2010 because that was the date in 1984 when my research into the paranormal effectively began ?  [7] Was it all intended to be more evidence of intelligent design, inspiration - real time interaction with an external Source of Intelligence.

So I did a quick calculation. 8 days from 23rd October to the 31st October plus 19 days in November gave 27 days. 557+27 = 584.  I was really surprised at that result, because 584 is the number that linked my two research careers.  My first research career was in chemical physics at Oxford, where I obtained a D. Phil in 1974. I worked in high temperature photoelectron spectroscopy, examining atomic structure, using a helium lamp as the energy source. The wavelength of the helium line was 584Å (Angstroms - an old fashioned measure – its now 5843nm).  That was the first line, the highest energy line of the helium spectrum. It is therefore called the alpha line. The chemical symbol for helium is He.  Thus we have He - alpha…. Remember that line in the Christmas Carol ?  Alpha He and Omega, let the organ thunder…..(but not at St John’s Hororata, incidentally [8]).  My second research career, investigating ‘forbidden science’, ie studying the paranormal, began in May 1984, 5/84.  I was led to discover evidence for life after death, of something unseen, something which apparently knows things about us.  This led in turn to my finding evidence for the existence of God, proof of a detailed prophetic knowledge of the future, which chose to communicate in code. Now this Intelligence is warning of the End Times, Omega.  So 584 days between Jenny's death and the Pike River mine disaster is a significant time interval indeed. It is no mere chance. Just as with the Christchurch earthquake the time interval since Jenny’s death is significant indeed. There is a pattern repeat connecting these two major South island disasters which came just a little over two months apart. They were both rare events. The last West Coast mine disaster was in 1967, when 19 miners died. The previous one to have a death toll exceeding Pike River was in……. The last major earthquake (Richter 7.9) to strike a New Zealand city was Napier  on 3rd February, 1932, when 256 people were killed. It suited God on this occasion to have no deaths in Christchurch at all.

There is just too much internal coherence for it all to be dismissed as chance by any intelligent, open-minded, rational person

   9.  Prophecy and The Time of The End
It was only after I did that calculation and derived the number 584 that I suddenly realised I had been given the jigsaw pieces for the Pike River disaster almost two months in advance. At the time when I saw a car with the registration number DUN 584, I thought it was a sign from God to indicate that I'd done what He intended me to do .   My research (584) was complete (DUN-  done) It was like QED [9] , especially as the car was parked opposite at the Papakura railway station and my train book  7 constitutes striking proof of the thread of destiny through my life.  I have proved, on the balance of probability, that there is life after death, that there is a Source with a detailed knowledge of both the distant past and our future, and that that Source is God. Through the Airbus disasters God has warned strongly that on death there is Judgement for all, but also that there is life after death. Finally He has repeatedly shown me over the past year that He intends to call all the Earth to account after just four more Easters have elapsed. The End will come between Christmas 2014 and Easter 2015.  This seems most appropriate given that the first Easter after man is no more on this earth will fall on exactly the same date as the very first Easter of all, in 33 A.D. ie, 5th April.  Once again, it is a cycle repeat for it will be the time of 33. To understand that reference, watch the film Knowing of 2009, a film every bit as inspired as was the film  The Seventh Sign of 1988. And once again, as though life was mimicking art, my own experiences in May and June 2009 precisely mirrored those of Professor Koestler, in that film released late in New Zealand, in May 2009.[10] It is significant that the writers chose that name, for the real Arthur Koestler was a man fascinated by meaningful coincidence. His will bequeathed money to fund a chair to study such phenomena. But as ever, the Fund Trustees knew better and the money has been used instead for funding parapsychology, a doubtful offshoot of an even more doubtful science. 

The fact that there is little interest in my work matters little. The proof poured in in early November…..the Impossible Princess, from Omega to Alpha, the West Country, the church, Jenny, 911….. That September car in a way constituted the final proof that I am right. The chance of its tax disc numbers being purely random is 1 in 10 24.  Every single number on it, issuing time and date, expiry date, document number, issuing number is relevant to the Alpha and Omega codes.  And its registration number is DUN 584.  The number codes on the tax disc refer to the impossible Princess, the Christchurch earthquake, the Perpignan Airbus crash, Knowing, the Hammer of God, and gold or Ra.  Finally its expiry date was the anniversary of the invalid marriage of the present Prince of Wales.

 10 Dicing With Death
I photographed DUN 584 in the distance from the new Papakura railway station bridge as I walked over to photograph a train which had just arrived. That train carried the theme ‘Impossible Princess’ twice.  To understand the significance of that comment see Ref 7.   I noticed that there was one car directly in-line with the 584 car, but on the near side of the road, just beside the bridge access steps. A young man, clearly fascinated with death, was waiting for someone, probably a woman, but you never know nowadays.

His seat covers had deaths heads on them, in white on a black background.  And hanging from the mirror was a pair of large dice. I didn't make the connection at the time. It was only later that evening that I suddenly got the message - dicing with death.  It is what everyone does nowadays, but especially the youth of today, so much into enjoying themselves, getting wasted, drink, drugs, the decadence of the End Times. But their elders are little better, happy to create a greedy society - get what you can - you owe it to yourself – you’re answerable to nobody but yourself - go for it. If there is a belief in God, it is very flexible one, like Jan’s and restricted to Sundays. But in Jan's case even Fridays are not sacrosanct. Nothing affects the go- getting working week.  However since Jesus died for your sins, you’re saved anyway, so what the hell! New Zealand really is a godless land in a godless world. But at least it's a relatively peaceful land. Who knows? Perhaps it's the best of a really bad lot.

Yes, young and old, they all dice with death. Their lifestyles clearly proclaim their belief ‘There is no God’.  They certainly appear to believe the message on the atheist buses.  But they believed that long before the atheist buses appeared. None of them behave as though they believe either in God or that one day they will have to answer to Him for everything they've ever done. But what if they're wrong?  There was a very clear message from the Airbus crashes, the first two in particular, the Air New Zealand one at Perpignan and the second one, the so called ‘miracle on the Hudson.’ That message was ‘On death and there is Judgement for all, the final weighing on the great balance of eternity. (See Ref 5)

And DUN 584 proves conclusively that the  hedonistic atheists are all wrong. But it is only now this morning as I write this that I can see the deeper message in the events of that September evening at Papakura station. I can now see the bits of the Pike River mining disaster, the jig-saw pieces God gave me in advance.

 11.  The Pike River Connection
DUN 584…. the disaster came 584 days after Jenny's death. That car experience came on the 23rd September 2010 at Papakura railway station.  That date is an anniversary of two significant events. It was on that day in 1979 that Jenny's brother Pete died from carbon monoxide poisoning in Portugal. In 1989 it was on that date that I joined a video club at Stoneleigh, near Epsom in Surrey, in order to borrow a video of the film The Seventh Sign. That inspired film [11] is one of Demi Moore’s flops. It was far too intellectual with no sex, no violence, no car chases, but most definitely inspired, just as Dan Brown symbologist  novels have turned out to be, as well as a handful of Arthur C Clarke’s novels, as well as those of a dozen other writers.  It is as though, in all these cases, ideas are put into the writers’ heads, so that what they wrote would serve a purpose in the future, to prove the existence of external inspiration, ie the existence of God.  Time and again, there is evidence of pattern and design.

The Seventh Sign has a plot woven around the seven signs of the End of the World referred to in the New Testament Book of Revelation.  This Great Day of the Lord is also described in the Old Testament Book of Joel.  The film plays on a coincidence between the passage from the book of Joel, ch2, v29 and the expected date of Demi Moore's character, Abby’s baby, due on the 29th February, hence 2, 29 in American dating. This is the origin of code 229 being associated in the Alpha and Omega codes, with the Apocalypse. We were first led to discover it on 24th November 1988. But 229 already had for us an earlier meaning, ‘the Justice of God’.  That meaning had been derived via Egypt and Tutankhamen's tomb in March 1988 but it directly related to experiences which we had had in Dundee on 21st/22nd September 1987.  But on reflection it became clear that our understanding of 229 as the Justice of God in connection with the particular man, Lord Carnarvon, was a specific application of the general meaning of 229 as the Justice of God for mankind, ie  the end of the world

So given the significance of 229 and The Seventh Sign in our research up until then, I was absolutely astonished when, on the 23rd September 1989, I glanced at my new video club membership card in the Stoneleigh video shop and saw that my membership number was 2297. Incidentally that particular film had been released on video on my birthday 12th May 1989.  Was it really just chance that we had discovered that video club whilst we were driving home from a drama club meeting the night before? The date then was 22nd September, 22.9.89  in ‘our’ dating. And why would I be looking for a video shop?   In fact I wasn't but I just happened to notice that this video shop was ablaze with light in a whole row of darkened shops. It was 10pm and even the video shop had just closed.  But I shouted through the door to ask whether they had a copy of the video of The Seventh Sign. The man shouted back that they did have one .  So that was why we returned to the shop the next afternoon. Our local video shop in Epsom town centre didn't have a copy. They had originally bought one but someone had damaged it. It wasn't very popular and so not worth the cost of replacing it. So I had left it. That had been weeks before. I hadn't bothered to look for another video shop but suddenly as we drove home that night, a video shop was suddenly brought to my attention.[12] It would seem that it was the right video shop. So was I meant to get the video at the appointed place at the appointed time so that I would get the membership number 2297? There is so much evidence of destiny and design in all of this.

So the date when I saw DUN 584, 23rd September gave carbon monoxide poisoning and 2297. And that night, directly in line of sight with the DUN 584 car, from the railway station bridge had been the ‘dicing with death’ car. Was this not what the miners had been doing all along given the high levels of methane released from the coal seams in the Pike River mine.

As I said earlier, 12th November was 229 days since Daniel Lado was drowned at Piha on Palm Sunday 2010. 19th November was the date of the Pike River mine explosion. 19th November is seven days on from the 12th, 229+7. And then at Pike River it was another Daniel who was chosen to live.   Daniel Rockhouse lived because  he'd  left the coal face and driven alone halfway back out of the mine to the refuelling point .  He'd just got out of the loader  when suddenly  there was a terrific blast.  Perhaps it was the loader that shielded him from  the worst effects of the blast just as Russell Smith  was also saved because he was driving another loader  into the mine,  on his way to join his workmates. He was nearer the entrance than Daniel been when the blast occurred    So is it not strange  that it was a loader that was the common element in their survival?  And now the connection becomes singularly weird , as some might say.  Is it really just chance that Daniel Lado’s  surname is an anagram of a homophone (same sound) for what saved the two survivors of Pike River?.   LADO….LODA…….Daniel and Russell were both driving loaders which shielded them from the initial blast…

So was the night of the 23rd September 2010, the time of the equinox, the DUN 584 car and the ‘dicing with death’ car, the time I was given the ‘jigsaw bits’ for the Pike River mine disaster?  And consider one more thing. Did there have to be 2 survive, 29 die,  for the message is that it is the time of 229.

 God knows precisely what will happen both in this world and in the next.  Just like the Christchurch earthquake, the Pike River coal mine disaster is another warning from God.

 12.  The Book of Daniel
Remember that in The Seventh Sign the reference was to Joel 2, 29. It was on the 21st  November as I tried to doze after lunch that the thought suddenly came to me. Jan had been caused to bring me Daniel Lado's Remembrance book on the 229th day after his death. Suddenly the words transposed in my mind. Daniel's book…… the book of Daniel….. There's a Book of Daniel in the Bible…… What is Daniel 2, 29?  I thought.  I picked up the Bible from near my bed and turned to  Daniel chapter 2. It's about Nebuchadnezzar's dream. [13] In Genesis 41 Pharaoh tells Joseph his dream and Joseph interprets it for him…. The seven fat cattle and seven lean cattle… but Nebuchadnezzar didn’t trust his wise men - very wise of him [14]

So Nebuchadnezzar set the interpreters a more difficult task than had Pharaoh set Joseph. Nebuchadnezzar said ‘First tell me the dream and then tell me the interpretation.” Naturally, the wise men threw up their hands in despair and said it was impossible. But perhaps Nebuchadnezzar actually understood about the Source. In Daniel 2,28, Daniel tells Nebuchadnezzar that through his dream, the God of Heaven has made known to the King what will be in the Latter Days. And then in 2,29 Daniel says “Oh King! He who reveals mysteries has shown you what is to be….” Perhaps that's what the Source did when He showed me DUN 584 et al..

Daniel then proceeded to tell Nebuchadnezzar his dream and then to interpret it . In the dream, there was a figure with a head of gold, a body of silver, bronze thighs, legs of iron and feet of iron and clay.  And then a stone was cut out by no human hand which smashed the feet of clay and so the figure fell, being smashed to pieces. What is the ultimate hammer of God but an asteroid, a rock hurled not by human hands at a mankind which most assuredly worships idols with feet of clay, false gods like Pope Benedict XVI and his predecessor, President Obama and his predecessor, actors and actresses, so-called TV personalities and celebrities of all kinds, sportsmen, rock stars and even nonentities who just happen to be famous for being famous. As for an asteroid impact, it is particularly significant that Daniel Lado's death is woven very much around the theme of asteroid impact and that he died just before Easter. 

Daniel goes on to tell Nebuchadnezzar of a kingdom which will last for ever (Daniel 2,44)  but it is not in this world.

 13.  Thoughts on Death
The West Coast mine disaster is intended to show many things, the hypocrisy of politicians, the deceit of the authorities, who always ‘know best’,  the real interests of big business, but most of all the attitude of almost everyone to death. Perhaps like the Australian bushfires, this disaster is also intended to warn that hell is real. There was fire underground, very much the concept of hell. The miners went to Judgement and only God knows whether thence they went to heaven or to hell.

Every single funeral service today assumes that the deceased has gone to heaven. There is a childlike simplicity in it all. No person who has ever died was greedy, deceitful, selfish or downright evil. In the Gospel of Matthew (7, 13) Christ warms “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: (7,14) because strait is the gate and narrow is the way that leadeth unto life and few there be that find it.”

Think about those words and remember that the world today is a far worse place than it was 2000 years ago. All we know is that the dead have gone to Judgement. My research has proved that. No minister dares say that in any funeral service today.  In the past, priests were not so cowardly. They often warned of death and judgement, heaven and hell.  But now that upsets the punters.  The priests would have empty churches. The congregations of today want happy stories for children, because that's their mental age. So now there's heaven for all. Surveys regularly show that something like 90% of people believe in heaven and 10% believe in hell. That is going to be an awful lot of disappointed people

The modern funeral service is a complete sham supposedly celebrating the life of the person who has gone. It completely shies away from the greatest fear of modern man, the finality of death.   The only certainty for us in this world is that one day we will leave it. But God alone knows when that day will come. He chose it with great precision for both Daniel Lado and for Jenny.   For each of us now, that day lies some time in our future, at a time known only to God.  A funeral is the time when people should reflect on their own mortality. But the gravity of the old funeral services has given way to the fun-filled memorials of today, the touching little jokes about the person who had gone.  It is all an attempt to deny the finality of death and ignore the fact that the priest has no more idea than anyone else what really lies beyond the grave, even less the so-called ‘celebrant’.  In the past Christian ministers would talk of hope of salvation through Christ but the modern funeral service has just nebulous nothingness more New-Age than New Testament. They are designed by and for people who have no real beliefs at all, their sole role  to bring comfort at a time of death.  But death is about truth not sham.

Nothing said at a funeral service can change one iota. The person who is being remembered has long before faced God's Judgement. Blessings from a priest or fond memories from a relative might comfort the bereaved but they are of no consequence to the person who has gone.  They had their chance in this world. And that's it. It is a one-off opportunity to see whether you're ‘worth it’, eternal life that is. Your deeds in this life determine whether on balance your life was good or bad, whether your principal concern was for right or self.  Reincarnation is a fond New-Age myth or an old Eastern belief.  Either way it's a fallacy. There is but one chance at life.  This is it.  Take it or leave it. Reincarnation is not compatible with judgement.  Our research results continually re-echo the reality of Judgement. And if there is only reincarnation, how is it that there is powerful evidence of communication from the spirits of the dead?

There is life after death. I have been able to prove it, on the balance of probability. But the bad news is that it's only if you're worth it. Do not believe what the spiritualists preach, that everyone goes to heaven. Even the best of them are misled.   It is either wishful thinking on their part or misinformation from their alternative sources. Few mediums question their sources very closely. They are not encouraged to do so. It implies a lack of trust. Such a lack of trust is well founded.

 Don't believe the Christians either. Christ died to save no one from their sins.  He did not die to atone for the evil of man but because of the evil man. The Christian concept of Christ carrying the sins of the world is merely an early Christian adaptation of the annual Jewish ceremony of Atonement, of the cleansing of the temple. There are the two goats, the sacrifice and the scapegoat, the latter supposedly carrying away the sins of the Jewish people. It's all a con, Christian or Jewish. Everyone carries their own wrong doings to the grave and thence to Judgement.

 14.  Diana, William and Kate
More and more during the past nine months, I have become convinced that we are actors on a stage, acting out a play written by some celestial director. He uses us according to His purposes but according to our natures.  Some of us may just be extras, for the crowd scenes.  Perhaps the majority are just the audience who don't even realise there is a play at all and don't even care, as long as they can get what they want today.

It is significant how DUN 584 also wove in the Prince of Wales and his doubtful marriage, given the latest developments in the saga of the House of Windsor.  The Royal engagement with more happy stories for children came just two days before Pike River. "Diana will be thrilled" shrieked the women's writers. But is she?

‘No’ is the answer to that question. She's not happy with the engagement at all, quite the reverse. The survival of Diana's spirit, after her murder, is part of our proof about life after death. [15] Diana is quite horrified about the engagement. She knows Kate is very much the wrong woman for William, far too forceful a personality for him. That is the message from Diana’s spirit triggered by a strange coincidence at 9:56pm on the night of the 19th November just six hours after the West Coast mine explosion, but before I knew anything about that event   more confirmation....

 15.  Epilogue
The webs of destiny are fine indeed and very complex. Dawkins et al can dismiss it all as chance if it suits them. They're all blind, ignoring any evidence which does not fit with their narrow belief systems, belief systems as narrow as those of any Catholic priest. It is interesting that these ‘rationalists’ are prophetically described in a 1770 hymn by William Cowper, number 503 [16] in Songs Of Praise.

 Blind unbelief is sure to err and scan His works in vain
 He is his own interpreter and He will make it plain

Today, He seems to have made it very plain to me how my experiences of the 23rd  September relate to the Pike River coal mine disaster. The first line of Hymn 503 is God moves in a mysterious way his wonders to perform.  Indeed He does.

All that the people of the West Coast can do now is accept God's will. I had to do that over Jenny's death . I couldn't see the purpose, especially as there was no one else to help me. I feared as Jenny became weaker that her death would be the next stage in the experiment which I'd been led to conduct over 25 years. And so it has proved, since God took her back.  I have learned much about spiritualists, spiritualism and life after death in the 18 months since Jenny died. I now understand far more than any spiritualist medium. That was what God intended. It was all part of His purpose, part of the messages about the reality of life after death and about the End Times in which we now live.

God didn't cause the mine explosion, just as God didn't cause the cracks in the Palace Hotel in Auckland. In both cases it was the laws of physics and chemistry that produced the results that came to pass, man pushing his technical understanding and/or his competence too far. But it would seem that God knew way in advance what was to come.  It is perhaps significant that the cracks in the Palace facade came just hours after the announcement of the Royal engagement.

 God gave you a mind.  Use it while you still can. Can everything I talk about safely be dismissed as chance?  You choose. You have a little over four years left. Use it wisely or regret it for eternity.    

25th November 2010 book 4750

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[1] See my book on the Christchurch earthquake, the proof of destiny over a decade - Tower and Temple. back

[2] It is perhaps significant that 27th August isArmageddon Day’ in the Alpha and Omega codes.  It is derived from another inspired novel, this time by Raymond Leonard, The Nostradamus Inheritance. I found the book in a charity shop in Salisbury in August 1991.  It was my reading that novel that indirectly led to our experience in the church of the Madeleine in Paris in November 1991, when I was asked to read the lesson, during mass. The reading was Mark 13, 24-32 the signs which Christ said would precede the End of the World. In the 19 years since, I have been given so many different but inter-connected signs of the End of the World.     back  For more see The Lesson at the Madeleine

[3] 44740 coincidently links above to the Airbus sequences and also to Egypt and to something yet to come for America.      back    The 447 link is explained in The Mystery of AF 447

[4] It was the same edition which carried the picture of the man beside the 1896 disaster obelisk. It seems to have been a particularly significant issue that day.   back

[5] See Balanced Observations our Airbus disaster book, the proof that God has chosen to give that there is Judgement on death, and life after death, but only if you're worth it.    back   For the signs which warned of Judgement on death re signs on buses see The Airbus Codes  and follow through the pages.

[5a] See Balanced Observations our Airbus disaster book, the proof that God has chosen to give that there is Judgement on death, and life after death, but only if you're worth it.    back

[6] There is another very strange connection to Dan Brown in an article in the New Zealand Herald on 19th November, the day which was to bring the Pike River mine explosion. There was a syndicated article about CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, one of the key elements in Dan Brown's first ‘Symbologist’ novel, Angels and Demons. Now that the ‘helium problem’ had been solved, the LHC had finally allowed experimenters to create 28 atoms of anti-hydrogen, a minute amount of antimatter. An antimatter bomb to blow up the Vatican is at the heart of the plot in Angels and Demons. That antimatter had created by a physicist as part of his experiment to prove the existence of God through science. Is it just chance, or is it by design that I am a physicist  who has been led  to prove the existence of God through that other opposite of matter, spirit. And was it really just chance that that article appeared on 19th  November, the very day which was to bring further powerful proof of the validity of my own research?      back  For more see  Angels and Demons  - Behind the story

[7] For details see my railway book Predestination abc or A - Z     back  Predestination abc or A-Z

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[9] Quod Erat Demonstandum.  This was what we used to put the end of our mathematical exercises at school when we had proved what we were supposed to prove.    back

[10] See my book Its All About Knowing  which includes coverage of life after death and spiritualism  back     More on he coincidences of predicting the crash of AF 447ter and inspiration in film will be found at Knowing

[11] Hollywood makes one film worth watching roughly every 10 years.  In between The Seventh Sign in 1988 and Knowing in 2009, came What Dreams May Come in 1998.  back 

[12] As I type this the words of another carol come into my mind. The words are from the Sussex Carol…  For out of the darkness we have light, which made the angels sing this night.   I first sang that carol when Jenny and I joined the  Mt Albert Methodist Church Choir in October  2002, a time of great progress in our research.   back

[13] Incidentally Daniel comes two books before Joel in the Old Testament    back

[14] Its certainly still true today - don't trust psychics and mediums -  most of what they tell you of life after death is simply not true.  Remember Banquo's words in Macbeth.  He says of the three witches, the equivalent of most of today's mediums  “The instruments of darkness win us with honest trifles and betray us in deepest consequence”.   back

 [15] See our books Diana Beyond The Veil  and   Penrose      back    

[16] Note that 503 is the key code in Dan Brown’s book Angels and Demons.  And note the first line of this hymn. God moves in a mysterious way his wonders to perform   back  For more on  Angels and Demons and Code 503 see The Diagrams of Truth  For More on Angels and Demons see  Angels and Demons Behind the Story


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