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Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra  

Why does she matter now?  Why was she sent to tell us her story twenty two years ago?  Is it because she and her father are key elements in God's plan in these Latter Days upon the earth.   The events of the last few weeks confirm this to be so, especially given the emphasis on the power of the Sun, Aten Ra to them.

It was in what is now a Muslim land that God spoke so clearly to a man long before Mohammed was born, two millennia before, in fact.  And how the leaders of those Muslim lands have gone astray even from the teachings of Mohammed.  The sign on our sitting room floor on 5th May 2008, 5.5.8 was powerful proof that Akhenaten was right. The power of the Sun, Aten-Ra, burned up the black cloth – the all black that envelops the business world in the West and the sportsmen of New Zealand, and those whose unearned wealth comes from the black oil beneath the desert sands.  See   All Black

Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra   is the story of a Queen from long ago, the Lost Queen of Egypt. She disappeared from the pages of history but now emerges from the Sands of Eternity, a voice from the spirit world. She tells her story and that of her husband, Tutankhamun but, more importantly, that of her father, Akhenaten, the first contemporaneously recorded man in the history of mankind to proclaim that there is One God.

Her story confounds the confusion of the Egyptology experts with their half-baked theories of Akhenaten’s paranoia, diseases and sexual perversion. He was a man inspired by God, the same God who inspired Christ, albeit known to each man by a different name.  Example on 7th May Code 507... The sign of the Falcon...

Ankhsoun has been sent so that mankind might know the truth before the End comes. The book, given in 1986, ends on a chilling note. Ankhsoun has a vision through time and ends with the words “….But man did not come right….”

At this point in my writing the first draft of this page, I ran out of notebook so I had to get out of the bath and make another two. Cutting them on the guillotine, I heard a plane close overhead. I managed to get a shot of it – the Catalina heading past the sun. Passing the power meter I noticed the reading.  It was 78580.8 – multiple disaster.  Then I found a hymn tune coming into my head. (12.11pm  11th May  78581.4)

  Let us with a gladsome mind
Praise the Lord for he is kind
For his mercies aye endure
Ever faithful, ever sure.

Then the next verse came:

  He with all-commanding might
Filled the new-made world with light.

Then the Voice said:  And the world at its end also!

I walked into the sitting room and saw a bright rainbow from the crystal sphere illuminating John Martin’s painting of The Celestial City and the Rivers of Bliss. It was a sign of God’s Covenant, that those words that come to me, that the Voice, is the Voice of God and that the Justified are indeed carried up to Heaven. It was a reminder of Ankhsoun’s words. After she was killed by the evil priests of Amun, she described how she came to Ra and saw her ‘father under the arch, all the colours that God has made’, the rainbow…….

It was in 1986 that Ankhsoun was sent to warn us. It was just when Thatcher’s evil doctrines of privatisation and the gospel of greed were taking Britain by the throat. Of course, the opinion formers, the newspaper owners, and all those who leech off them saw little but good in all the wealth flowing their way, stolen from the public purse.
But that story is all part of The Alpha and Omega Codes. Looking at all that has stemmed from the High Priestess of Greed, in essence the world as it is today, Ankhsoun’s words were really prophetic. The world of 1986 was bad, but the world of 2008 is utterly evil. Everywhere there is the paranoia for security and the lust for gold.

Read Ankhsoun’s story about her life 3500 years ago. Man is largely either bad or weak, and the weak follow the bad. Its the line of least resistance.  A few listened to her father, but most didn’t. They took the comforts of the new city but they listened to the priests, who offered more.

Now doesn’t that sound like politicians at election time? Democracy is corrupt, utterly corrupt. And they pretend that the west is corruption-free.  Its just a different kind of corruption.  In Britain or America, it is certainly the rich and powerful bribing the selfish and the greedy, or the just plain stupid, with a few plastic feel-good principles thrown in for appearance.  How else did such obviously evil and deceitful men as Bush and Blair both get re-elected in 2004 and 2005?  It was clear to all that not a word either man uttered could be trusted.  I first wrote this page on 11th May. As I come to edit it I am reminded of the timeliness of those words about democracy and elections in New Zealand today,  22nd May.  For it is is Budget Day.  For much more on inter-connected timeliness see NZ & Tax Cuts

Leaders in other countries don’t have to be quite so rich as in America, unless they are right wing, but every little helps.  But all politicians still base their ballot box appeal to the selfish and greedy – what’s in it for me? Morality counts for nothing in the privacy of the voting booth.  No-one can see, no-one but God that is. Nothing changes.  There really is no hope for man.  Thirty years ago, I used to run sewage works and one old Chester-le-Street councillor once said to me “There’s no votes in shit, lad.” He was explaining why as little as possible was spent on sewage treatment. But there’s no votes in morality, either.

Times change but only on the surface. Now man has high tech toys to go with his low moral values. Everywhere the world is controlled by high net worth individuals of low net value to humanity or to God.

It was exactly the same thirty five centuries ago. One day, Akhenaten pointed across from the palace and said to his daughter, “There, you see the houses of the rich. God is not in them.” And so it is today more than ever. The worthless rich, devoid of conscience, think they are answerable to no one. But in the end, they will find they all answer to God.

Akhenaten, from a position of power, tried to make men understand. He gave them a Garden of Eden, guided as he had been by Aten-Ra. But instead of looking on in admiration, the Priests of Amun saw their corrupt power base threatened and determined to destroy it – in true democratic fashion. They appealed to the people, who voted with their feet, helped with a bit of violence if the didn’t hear clearly enough.

So Akhenaten allowed the people to choose. “Let them build a temple….” He had said, “…If that’s what they want.”  And when the time was near, Ra had guided him. The Voice had led him to the place where he was to be buried, a place far from the royal tomb prepared. He had talked with his daughter, his one true disciple, and shown her where he was to be buried.

“I had not thought it would be so soon,” she said….. “I sent a message to my mother – ‘Your husband, the King, is dead’.” Only his daughter was with him when he went to Ra.
“I suppose I should have rejoiced that you had gone to be with Ra, for Ra had always been with you….” (Tears in my eyes as I write). 12.45.59…12.46.00
582.4 not 584.

And when I went to Egypt in May 1992, I was given all the signs, strange coincidences, that authenticated Ankhsoun’s story, the time of her last days. It was on that same visit that the signs came to me linking Princess Diana to early death.  Why did she suddenly choose to go to Egypt – on a whim? Did the voice speak to her through intuition whilst speaking to me directly? For we were both ‘sent’ to the Land of Eternity around the time of my birthday in May 1992.

Was it just a coincidence that our scientific research into meaningful coincidence and life after death has uncovered the story of two young women sacrificed on the altars of powerful establishments? On was recent, but a decade ago; the other more than three millennia, back through the mists of time. But for the Eye of Ra, there is no mist.

And was it just chance that a sign of the Sentinel of Eternity, the obelisk, linked these two women in death? Ankhsoun, on her last journey was carried past the spot beside the temple pylon where the later Pharaoh Ramses II would erect his pair of pink granite obelisks. One would end up in Paris, 3200 years later. That obelisk would have been one of the last things Diana might have seen before her car plunged into the Alma Tunnel, finally breaking her heart, physically. But her heart then sent to Judgement….before Ra, as shown in the ancient papyrus scrolls which have survived.
Diana later said “I was lucky.” (to pass) “But a pass is still a pass.”

Ankhsoun once said she watched a boat sink on the river. It was loaded down like the rich, with their possessions. They do not get to the other side, the Land of Eternity in the West…..

The rich, in particular, should heed. They could change the world for the better. But to a man or woman, they all change the world to suit themselves. They change for the better just little surface things and then only when they think they have made it and they are looking round for something to do with all the dosh.

The rich change the world to suit themselves. They always have.  But never has such huge sums been in such worthless and selfish hands.  That's the beauty of privatisation and global market forces. But that world does not suit God. The time is not far off when there will be a final Hammer of God – not just for America, but for the whole of mankind.  See Proof of The Diagrams of Truth

Read about the battle between good and evil 3500 years ago in Ankhsoun’s story and then look out at the world about you, as the final battle between good and evil comes to a climax. 

Are you too busy to worry, can’t change anything so might as well enjoy your life? After all, this is all there is….But is it? Is this life not just a test – a test to see if you really are worth it?

And in contrast to grossly overpriced cosmetics, the depth of your pocket does not matter. In the final weighing, it is the depth of your heart that matters. Isn’t it funny how depth of pocket and depth of heart seem to go in inverse proportion? The richer people get, the less they really care about anybody else and the more they care about getting more.

Remember Cranmer’s words in the funeral service in the Book of Common Prayer: “We brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can take nothing out…..” He should have added “Save our souls”.

It is what we have done between coming into this world and going out of it that determines whether we do save our souls. Money will buy you everything you want in this world, or at least the illusion of it. It will buy you nothing in the next, but the near certainty of damnation. Wisdom and riches seem very rarely to go together. Perhaps real faith only comes when you have nothing and nobody. I personally experienced that in London in 1985. That was when I came to know that there really was Something outside this world. For in my aloneness, I came to find that I wasn’t alone. But those things that brought me comfort were not of this world.  I have spent the past 22 years proving the reality of those things which are not of this world.


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